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Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action

From the Spartan Games Site:


A Prussian empire strike force is heading for Iceland, its mission a simple one: at all costs discover what the Covenant of Antarctica is up to on the frozen wastelands of this small island. This exciting boxed is the first to feature the new Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action fast play rules and the box contents include an array of CoA and Prussian naval models, scenery, rules, dice and tokens.



From the newsletter:


The Fleet Action rules are quicker to play than the core rules, but use the same highly detailed models that Dystopian Wars is renowned for.  Order the new rules for a fast play game with your existing models but also make sure you take a look at The Battle For Iceland, a new two player box set using two of the most popular nations in the product line – the Prussian Empire and Covenant of Antarctica.
The Battle for Iceland 2 player box set contains
  • Fleet Action Fast Play Rulebook

  • Statistics & Template Sheets

  • Acrylic Tokens

  • Dice

  • 11 Prussian Empire Models

  • 10 Covenant of Antarctica Models

  • Highly Detailed Scenery


Firestorm: Taskforce

I got a copy of the Terran vs Dindrenzi starter set of Taskforce recently, and have managed to clean and put together the ships (which are rather nice).

Here are some snaps:

Photo 20-03-2016, 9 25 16 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 9 25 20 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 47 09 PM

The ships come with pre-cast holes for 2mm magnets, but I drilled them out a little and used 3mm magnets.

Photo 20-03-2016, 11 39 06 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 38 19 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 38 32 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 40 06 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 40 48 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 41 28 PM


The models are very nice, and I’m looking forward to getting them to the table!




Dusting off the Paints…

It’s been ever so long since I last managed to put paint on a model – in fact I think it was about the time of the tournaments here last year, which pushed it back a way. But I have finally done it! I have dusted off the paints and managed to get some models done!


Photo 20-03-2016, 4 07 37 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 1 54 10 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 1 54 46 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 1 55 12 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 1 55 30 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 4 03 47 PM

Photo 20-03-2016, 4 06 30 PM


Well, there you go, I’ll probably pack them away now and not get them out for the next six months… but at least I got a few things finished!





Episode 36 – Planetary Alignment!




In this episode Giles, Reese and Peter join forces on the microphone once again to discuss various news from Spartan, what we’ve been doing in the hobby, and the mighty Prussians!

This episodes rounds out our look at the revisions to the core 6 ORBATs with a focus on the Prussian Empire for Dystopian Wars!

Find the episode directly here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/element270/E270-036-Planetary_Alignment.mp3

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Firestorm Taskforce…

Spartan has announced the arrival of a fast playing rules set that compliments Firestorm Armada. This new rules set is being launched with three starter sets, each containing two fleets, but each is also available individually as a Reinforcement Set (see below).

Spartan released a primer on what we can expect from Taskforce, and I for one am excited by the idea of a quick playing ‘skirmish’ style space battles game that uses the same models as Firestorm Armada, as when I have the time I’ll also be able to jump in and enjoy the full flavour and strategies afforded by the excellent Firestorm Armada.

The ships are absolutely gorgeous, and very modular in design, even going so far as to include holes specially made for 2mm magnets for those who want to magnetise their fleet for the fullest level of customisation.

Taskforce looks a phenomenal new addition to the Firestorm stable of games, with the ability (hopefully) to link to Planetfall, to be expanded to the fuller experience of Firestorm Armada, and generally as a quick throw down for those short on time, I for one, cannot wait!



Preorders made prior to January 25th will also get the objective set pictured above.


You can see from the above photo just how customisable the new cruisers are, with a chassis, body and various drop ons – all with holes for 2mm magnets. Just wonderful design both aesthetically and functionally.


Each nation is also available as a reinforcement set like this Dindrenzi one – great for players of Firestorm who have established fleets and aren’t interested in playing the new Taskforce game.

Episode 35 – Mother Russia!



Welcome to episode 35 of the Element 270 podcast!

In this episode Giles and special guest Ewen discuss the Russian Coalition forces in Dystopian Wars, including the changes between the older and the newer ORBAT.

This episode has been a long time coming, and many apologies for the poor quality of the audio, and occasional distraction, we were having difficulties with Skype and children both!

Find the episode directly here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/element270/E270-035-Mother_Russia.mp3

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An Ice Wind Blows…



In the icy reaches of the Antarctic forces are mustering, the Covenant, after much careful planning, is on the march. Commando forces from this, most mysterious, nation are starting to make their presence felt…


Spartan recently announced the first wave of Dystopian Legions boxes to be released for the Covenant of Antarctica!





Episode 34 – Planetfall!



In this episode Peter is joined by his good mate Luke to discuss all things Planetfall, with a particular eye to the Relthoza and Terran forces!


As always you can email us at element270podcast@gmail.com

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And on Twitter: @element270

You can find the episode directly here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/element270/E270-034-Planetfall.mp3

Episode 33 – The Empire of the Blazing Sun



In this episode Peter and Luke sit down and discuss the updated Empire of the Blazing Sun ORBAT. They take an in-depth walk through the changes and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Empire of the Blazing Sun!

Find the episode on our blog: https://element270.wordpress.com/ 

As always you can email us at element270podcast@gmail.com

Find us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/

And on Twitter: @element270

You can find the episode directly here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/element270/E270-033-Empire_of_the_Blazing_Sun.mp3



Giant Stompy Robots Strike Back


We have previously seen the giant stompy robots released for the Prussians, Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Covenant of Antarctica (Peter even did an unboxing).

Now we see what Spartan have been working on – the giant stompy robots for the FSA and KoB! Boy – has it been worth the wait! These sculpts look fantastic!



Ok – so the FSA one is a skimmer, and has the potential to carry a gigantic rocket powered hammer. This sculpt is pretty darn spectacular.

12187735_10156149011875363_1929822606283094342_n12219385_10156149011640363_8490712510906736793_n 12227795_10156149011795363_9054187736684224728_n

Wow, ok, so this is Howl’s Moving Castle in a world where Howl loves nothing more than gigantic howitzers. This is a strange beast of a machine, but probably my favourite so far!

I absolutely cannot wait to see what the French and Russians have in their arsenals.