Planetfall Unboxings


Alistair Currie of the Brisbane City Crusaders Facebook page has been kind enough to provide pictures of some of the Planetfall Helixes just as he cracked them open.

As a Terran player I can’t support his radical and obviously misguided association with this force but I am nothing but fair (if I do say so myself) 🙂

First up, the Rense System Navy Allied Assault Helix

Next the Dindrenzi Federation Aerial Interceptor Helix (Boo..Hiss…)

and finally the Dindrenzi Federation Recon Assault Helix


Why someone would willingly assist these corrupt forces is beyond me but I’m not a judging person.

Hopefully Alistair will bring some of these to the table this weekend.

If you have some unboxing pictures you’d like to post, please drop us an email or leave a post on the Element 270 Facebook page.



Unboxing the Aquan Prime Core Helix for Planetfall


With Special Guest! I know I said that I probably wouldn’t unbox anything but the Terrans for Planetfall but my special guest has decided to get in on the act.

The Aquan Sebrutan – or ‘Union’ – is one of the oldest interstellar powers. Composed of many different sentient aquatic lifeforms spread over a thousand water worlds, the Sebrutan has a naive and enlightened view on life that has received an unfortunate shock in the outbreak of the greatest war it has ever faced.

In this video we crack open the Core Helix box for the Aquans and see what is on offer.

Planetfall Reference Booklet


Firestorm Planetfall is fast becoming one of my favourite games to play.  The fast paced, brutal combat makes for an exciting game where the roll of a single die can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The game rewards forward thinking and strategy – a well timed orbital insertion can make the difference.

To assist new players, or those already experienced in the rules, I’ve created an 8 page reference booklet.  The rules within have been taken from both the rulebook and FAQ.

Just head over to the Downloads page to get a copy of use the link below.

See you all…during Planetfall!


QuickCalc 3.4 for Dystopian Wars 2.0 now available


Announcing QuickCalc 3.4 for Dystopian Wars 2.0 This new version includes the stats for the 7 core nations as updated by Spartan Games.

The Alliance nations will be added to the next version once their stats have been published.

V3.4 allows you to quickly create a roster in conjunction with the available PDFs. Just select your faction, show the sections you need to use and start filling in the fields. While some “smarts” are included in the spreadsheet, you will need to check the final set up prior to using your force in a game to ensure it is legal.

I hope you enjoy using the QuickCalc spreadsheet; please let me know if there are any errors or bugs and suggestions are always welcome.  Please email me at or leave a comment below.

DW Quick Calc 3.4 (Excel 97-2004)

QuickCalc Spreadsheet 3.4 for Dystopian Wars Incoming


Just an update on the progress of the latest QuickCalc spreadsheet.

I’m working through the 7 core nations that were made available last week. The next version (3.4) will include only the 7 core nations so if you are using the Alliance nations, continue to use version 3.3 in the downloads section. Once the Alliance Nations PDFs are available, version 3.5 will include them.

Ver 3.4 will be a new with some added features that assist in roster calculations for 2.0 including advising the TAC cards you use with your list and monitoring points values for Core and Non-core forces.

Thanks to everyone who is using the QuickCalc spreadsheet and I am always happy to receive any suggestions or comments to make it better.

Unboxing Dystopian Wars 2.0



Dystopian Wars 2.0 was released this week and through luck and guile I managed to get my hands on the Commodore Edition rulebook and the starter set “Shadow Hunter”.

Join me as I unbox the latest 2 player starter set from Spartan Games and flip through the new edition rulebook.

As an added extra, the last couple of minutes includes a slide show of all the new models from the 2 player starter set.

I hope you enjoy this unboxing video. Stay tuned for future videos of how to play Dystopian Wars 2.0

2.0 Stats for the Core Nations are now available


With the release of 2.0 today, Spartan Games have released the stats for the 7 core nations.

You can download the PDFs from any of these locations:

Happy gaming and watch out for those exploding 6’s!

Podcast now available through YouTube


To make it easier for everyone to enjoy our podcast, it is now available on Youtube.

This is episode 0 – where we talk about ourselves, a brief overview of the hobby and other things.

Further episodes will be uploaded over the next few weeks so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel so your notified when each episode drops.

Till then – watch out for those exploding 6’s.

Turning it Around – From Loss to Win in 2014 – Part 4


I just realized that the last time I posted under this title was back in February.  Well, suffice to say I am no closer to winning a Dystopian Wars game today than I was back 3 months ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been winning a number of other games (like a game where you DREAD the BALL in a futuristic sports arena, or a DEAD area which is like a ZONE, both games produced by a company that sounds like ANTIC) but still a win in Dystopian Wars is still out of reach.

My latest game on the weekend just gone got me thinking.  It was a 1000 point battle and my opponent used 2 battleships and 1 Dreadnought against me – I thought surely that exceeds the 70% restriction for Large models but, surprise to me, it did not.  In contrast I was only fielding a single Battleship.  I just didn’t have the firepower to match.

I wonder if my lack of large/massive models is my downfall?  All my fleets only include a single Battleship and then a Carrier plus/or a Dreadnought – am I not bringing enough firepower to the table?

So I throw the question out to you – the readers of our blog.  How many Battleships/Dreadnoughts/Carriers do you commonly field in a game?  Do you spam these large units or not?  I’d love to hear some of your answers.

I’m not getting to caught up on fleet composition though – version 2.0 (funny we don’t call them editions anymore) will most likely change the way fleets are put together.

So add your answers below in the comments and until next time – watch out for those exploding 6’s!


Reconnaissance from Salute Expo!

Well, thank you to Chris (aka kaptyn_Krys of the Spartan Games Forums), we now have some amazing pictures of most of the new upcoming models for 2.0! And thank you again for letting us share these here Chris!


First up, here is some images of the new Shadowhunter Boxed Set models.

SLo9bA7 RKvix6p

Then, we’ve got a nice mix of some of the new carriers, including my personal favourite, the Elbe…

QYQW3Ij New Carriers M4Z7sEV CStswz5


And finally, some shots of each of the fleets in all their glory! Well, primed in a grey basecoat, but still… 😛

While there are a few old models scattered in there, there is many more shiny new ones too.

grHc5CR F1SDBTS duR9DyE b4ojadm zWamyL2 nAoBSWn


And to wrap up here, some assorted other pictures (with some really nice closeups of that French catamaran and it’s baby submarines!).

And some sexy new SAS trays that I am very keen to get my hands on…

j8UAHpW IeKzIFN 9Ir8AIU 40Jl7wG qm1FXWw

Anyways, that’s all for now. For the original thread these pictures are pulled from, and a heap more, head over to here to the Spartan Forums!

– Reese