Element 270 is a collective blog and podcast, our contributors make it what it is!

Giles Pritchard: I’m a father, by-day teacher and by-night gamer. I enjoy all manner of games, from board and card games through to role playing games and, of course, table top miniatures games.  I started in primary school, introduced to Warhammer by a teacher, and continued into Warhammer 40K, DBA, DBM, Full Thrust and many other miniature games before I discovered role playing through MERP and Star Wars.  Eventually, as life became busy, I started playing far more board and card games, something I’m still passionate about, although I always had a pining for the days of painting little soldiers… after discovering Dystopian Wars I was sold, it’s a game I enjoy immensely for the theatre involved in every game.  My main and still favourite nation is the mysterious Covenant of Antarctica…

You can find me elsewhere around the web at my other podcast: Games in Schools and Libraries, as well as an infrequent contributor to On Board Games and The Dice Tower.  I have my own blog at, and you can find me on twitter as @caradocp

Peter: Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Armoured Clash – you can never have too much Dystopian in your life.  I’m Peter and I live, work and play in Brisbane Queensland.  Even though we’re blessed with an abundance of sunshine, you’ll most likely find me inside painting or at the local hobby store teaching people how to play Dystopian Wars.  Before DW and DL and AC I was a player of a popular science fiction miniatures game put out by a company with the initials G and W.  When the aforementioned company decided another edition change would be good I jumped ship – and found a game with ships!

I regularly post on the Dystopian Wars Australia Facebook page ( (where I’m also one of the administrators) and on the Spartan Community forum under the alias Romerous.

Reese: Based out of the distant lands of Western Australia, I’ve been playing various various tabletop games and RPG’s for since time began (or at least it’s starting to feel like it!) After a ‘falling out’ with a game system we shall not name, I tried many different systems, and finally settled on a group that include my beloved Dystopian Wars, home to all things victorian science-fiction I could ever need! Over time, I eventually started wandering into some of Spartan’s other offerings, and now own something from nearly every one of their game systems!

I tend to lurk around many of the Spartan-related Facebook pages, and have made quite the nuisance of myself on the Spartan Forum’s themselves under the name c0rruptd.

Ewen: Living and working in Central Victoria, Australia is all well and good, but makes gaming difficult at times. I’ve played games of various sorts throughout my life, RPG, CCG, board, war and computer. In terms of miniatures gaming it started with Warhammer which luckily or unluckily I was never able to afford a substantial amount of, the wages of primary school children being quite low. I played a number of other things on and off but nothing really caught my attention in this sphere until Dystopian Wars. I now count myself amongst the firmly obsessed. My nation is the Russian Coalition, although I may branch out elsewhere soon…

I post on the Dystopian Wars Forum as Lord Flash Heart.


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