With Fire and Sword!

Just recently, a few of the more minor nations in the Dystopian Wars world have been expanded and updated. One of these is the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a nation perilously situated between two of the mightiest nations on Earth, the Prussian Empire and the Russian Coalition.

The newest release in the PLC range, is the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Air Cadre, a collection of fast, hard-hitting aerial units dripping with fiery death, including one of my absolute favourite models in the Dystopian Wars range, the Gryf Flame Blimp. It screams mad scientist steampunk vessel so hard, it has probably long since lost its voice…

At any rate, this article aims to have a quick look at my newly painted PLC Air Cadre, focusing on the models and possible uses of them. Oh, and how pretty they are of course!

Zamiec Sky Fortress

By far the largest model in the box, the Zamiec is not a new design like the other models. However, it does seem to hav ebeen the base upon which the others were designed, so it still fits in, and looks wonderful doing so.

I got to say, my first impression with pulling this out of the box was ‘Damn! This is way bigger than it looks in the pictures?!’. And it truly is one solid lump of resin! So, after a minor amount of assembly (it’s around 3 resin components and 10 small metal ‘drop-ons’), it got to sit at the back of the painting table watching as I developed my paint scheme… Which to begin with, was tested on…

The Gryf Flame Blimps

…my favourite model in the box! The moment I read about these on the Playtester thread, I just had to have some! I can’t think of a more awesome way to wage war than to fly into battle, waving your sword and screaming your war cry from the back of a giant, flame-hurling blimp!

And I must say, the models themselves do not disappoint! Although a little hard to see from the photo below, there is a very large flamethrower that runs nearly the entire length of the keel, buried amongst a twisted network of chemical tanks, fuel lines and metal plates.

And it even has a nice little wooden deck on top from which to launch your aerial assault aboard the now flaming wreck of your enemies vehicles!

The Grom Gunnery Blimp

But for those who are a little more ‘conservative’ in their approach to ‘How am I going to set my opponent on fire’, there is always the Grom Gunnery Blimp. Packing both a forward facing set of guns and a 360 turret, which thanks to having the Incendiary Rounds MAR, can deliver napalm out to quite a range, really letting the PLC reach and touch those models that try and avoid the Gryfs…

Szabla Interceptor

With all this wonderful, incendiary-filled blimps cruising around, I can see a few TFT-based commanders rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of swarming them with those annoyingly-effective tokens, but has the PLC got a surprise in store for them…

Meet the Szabla Interceptor, one of the most amazing anti-TFT model’s I’ve yet seen. Capable of keeping up with, and even overtaking some TFT’s, and armed with Sustained Fire AA, you can bet any enemy TFT squadron nearby is going to vanish very quickly. And that’s not even getting into the shenanigans I can see coming out of their Hit and Run MAR… I’ll let you guys use your imagination there.

Polish-Lithuanian Tiny Flyer Tokens

Last, but still quite impressive, are the PLC TFT’s. Being able to take Fighters, Recon Planes or Dive Bombers, they have an impressive bunch of Tiny Flyer Assigned Rules, which basically match up to their Russian brethren.

There is one variation I would like to discuss though, and that’s the swapping of Hard Shell (2) for Acrobatic Pilots on the Fighters. Now, let’s think about this.

On an attack run against an Aerial Model, on your last point of fuel or so, you lose half your number AND suffer an Abort… Curses! Your plan is foiled…

But wait! Acrobatic Pilots let’s you avoid a TFT death 1/3rd of the time! And it saved nearly all those planes (because you got lucky), who can now contribute to the attack again!

But what about that Abort…? Well, fuel and ammo be damned! We’re nearly out anyways! So trigger For Glory! and ignore that Abort too! Huzzah!

What was a failed attack that would have left you with 2-3 TFT’s on one fuel pointlessly wandering the board, turned into a possible 8-10AD attack that could damage or even cripple an enemy air asset! No auto-win button, but you never know when those crazy Polish pilots might pull off that game-changing attack…

And that’s about it for the PLC Air Cadre pack. A really nice set of new models, an impressive larger model thrown in (with some new and improved rules too!) and a bucket load of TFT’s just for added flavour.

I’m not going to do any sort of rating on these boxes, I was never any good at that sort of thing, so to close up, all I’m going to say is that I was highly impressed, and it was a pleasure painting these models. So much so, I’ve already opened my second box…

Well, that’s me for now, so Reese out! 😀