Firestorm Taskforce…

Spartan has announced the arrival of a fast playing rules set that compliments Firestorm Armada. This new rules set is being launched with three starter sets, each containing two fleets, but each is also available individually as a Reinforcement Set (see below).

Spartan released a primer on what we can expect from Taskforce, and I for one am excited by the idea of a quick playing ‘skirmish’ style space battles game that uses the same models as Firestorm Armada, as when I have the time I’ll also be able to jump in and enjoy the full flavour and strategies afforded by the excellent Firestorm Armada.

The ships are absolutely gorgeous, and very modular in design, even going so far as to include holes specially made for 2mm magnets for those who want to magnetise their fleet for the fullest level of customisation.

Taskforce looks a phenomenal new addition to the Firestorm stable of games, with the ability (hopefully) to link to Planetfall, to be expanded to the fuller experience of Firestorm Armada, and generally as a quick throw down for those short on time, I for one, cannot wait!



Preorders made prior to January 25th will also get the objective set pictured above.


You can see from the above photo just how customisable the new cruisers are, with a chassis, body and various drop ons – all with holes for 2mm magnets. Just wonderful design both aesthetically and functionally.


Each nation is also available as a reinforcement set like this Dindrenzi one – great for players of Firestorm who have established fleets and aren’t interested in playing the new Taskforce game.


Aerial Helixes sighted!

Well, they are finally here: we have sightings of the Core Factions aerial helixes, and damn do they look pretty!

Before we get to the pictures, just letting everyone know I filched these from the Spartan Games forums, uploaded by chrisbburn. So thanks! ūüėÄ

And now… Pretty pictures!

IMG-20150721-WA0005_zpsauiclbdq IMG-20150721-WA0006_zpsyvddvlai IMG-20150721-WA0007_zpsieymoahh (1) 11667487_10154067703887575_3246701672230792690_n IMG-20150721-WA0003_zpsjnf4d6fl IMG-20150721-WA0004_zpsj3963erv

Planetfall Reference Booklet


Firestorm Planetfall is fast becoming one of my favourite games to play.  The fast paced, brutal combat makes for an exciting game where the roll of a single die can make the difference between victory and defeat.

The game rewards forward thinking and strategy – a well timed orbital insertion can make the difference.

To assist new players, or those already experienced in the rules, I’ve created an 8 page reference booklet. ¬†The rules within have been taken from both the rulebook and FAQ.

Just head over to the Downloads page to get a copy of use the link below.

See you all…during Planetfall!


The Continuing Adventures of the Airbrush Novice

Welcome back to my blog following the (mis)adventure of an Airbrush novice.


As far¬†as set up goes, I’ve now got a great set up. ¬†Using a piece of foam board I created a shield that fits into my painting area. ¬†The three sides stop any overspray from going over my desk. ¬†Also the addition of a respirator mask now ensures total fume protection!


So my current project is the Terran Core Helix for Firestorm Planetfall.  Starting off with a black primer, I undercoated all the models.  Heres some tips when airbrushing Р(1) Wear some disposable gloves to keep the paint off your hands (2) before you start spraying, run some airbrush cleaner through the airbrush then put your colour in and do some test sprays on a napkin and (3) to paint small objects build up a collection of soft drink bottle caps with some blu-tack on top.  This helps in getting good coverage across the entire piece.


With the primer completed, I then did the first coat (I used Vallejo Game Air РLeather Brown).  I kept the spray light, allowing some of the primer to show through.


To finish the base coat, I did a second coat but this time only across the top of the model.

So I feel I’ve reached a good point with my airbrushing techniques. ¬†It is a real time saver and doesn’t interfere to much with the amazing detail that is on these models.

Hope this blog has helped encourage some of you to give airbrushing a try – I know I’m not going back to old fashioned spray cans for a long time.

Unboxing the Hawker Industries Aerial Helix


They may not be Terrans (cause Terrans are cool) but the Hawker Industries Aerial Helix comes a very close second.

Check out this unboxing of one of the latest helixes for the Firestorm Planetfall game.

I also challenge anyone not to look at the fighter jets and think about that old Clint Eastwood movie – Firefox!

Unboxing the Terran Core Helix for Planetfall


Terran’s are my favourite faction in Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall – so it will be no surprise to everyone that I received the Terran Core Helix recently and did an unboxing video.

The box it self only contains the minimum for the Terran Core Helix, which means you will have to buy 2 boxes to field a decent number of points.

The models are fantastic, both in quality and value for money. ¬†I can’t wait to get them painted and played.

Firestorm Armada Rules for download…


A couple of posts ago we copied across an announcement from Spartan Games that they would be making copies of their rules books available for download.  The first of those rules books has arrived in download form!

From the Spartan Games Facebook page:

You can now download the Firestorm Armada 2.0 Rulebook for FREE! Come and take your first giant leap into The Firestorm Galaxy.

I love the fact that Spartan is putting their most recent rules sets up for download!

For anyone who hasn’t played, Firestorm Armada is Spartan’s spaceship combat game, and it is a lot of fun! ¬†If you want to know more, we talked about Firestorm in episode 18 of the podcast, which can be found here.

It is a hugely fun game, with a lot of flavour, flexibility and depth, and the miniatures are Spartan’s usual amazing quality. ¬†If you are even mildly interested in space ship battles, check it out!


Rule book downloads

planetfalllogo DystopianWars DystopianLegions firestorm-select

Spartan Games announced, on their forums, that the rules books for Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Firestorm Armada and Planetfall will all be made available as free downloads.

From their forum announcement:

In the mobile age that we now live in, even wargaming hasn’t escaped change – the increasing use of electronic versions of rulebooks is something we see at almost every show and gaming club we go to. Rulebooks are often reviewed by new players before they decide whether to invest in a game, and Spartan Games in consistently asked to make rulebooks available to download so new players can assess our games without cost.

We have decided to make all our core rulebooks available to download FREE from our website as follows:

December 8th – Dystopian Wars and Firestorm Armada

January 12th – Dystopian Legions and Firestorm Planetfall

The downloads do not in any way invalidate the current rulebooks, they are NOT a new version of any rules.


That is fantastic news for anyone who plays the games, and for anyone interested in playing them! Great stuff Spartan!

Unboxing Firestorm:Planetfall – Scenery Box One


My final (for now) unboxing of Firestorm: Planetfall is Scenery Box One.

Spartan have come up with a great idea, perspex pieces with laminated card buildings that combine to great some great terrain pieces.

What I think is great is the name – Box One – who knows what could be arriving in Box Two?

Hope you enjoy this unboxing and hopefully the next video (due in December) will be the Terran Core Helix (Yeh! – Terrans rule!)