EOTBS Rocket Corps – Painting Underway


For those of you who saw my unboxing video; I’ve now prepared and am beginning to paint the Empire of the Blazing Sun Rocket Corps section.

I won’t lie – the parts are super-fiddly and there was much swearing when the glued failed to hold.

Here are the wings of the models – spray painted white with P3 Brass Balls on the edging.


For the four Samurai I’ve started with GW Khemri Brown for the boots.


Check out my future blog posts as the more paint goes on.  Till then – Watch out for those Exploding 6’s.


Dystopian Legions – Unboxing the Rocket Corps for EOTBS


Samurai with jetpacks – yes Jetpacks! The Empire of the Blazing Sun forces welcome a new Veteran Support unit in the shape of the Rocket Corps.
Please enjoy my real-time unboxing of one of the latest units for Dystopian Legions.