Code name: Iron Scorpion – building…

Well I spent some of the afternoon putting the MDF building from Iron Scorpion together. It was pretty straightforward following the numbers, although there were a few pieces it took me a while to work out!

It’s looking good! All said and done there is a significant amount of terrain in there! Looking forward to giving it the one over! Next up, the miniatures themselves… Should be interesting!






Stats and ORBATs for Dystopian Legions


Codename Iron Scorpion has made landfall at Pritchard Stronghold, and I’m very excited!  While I haven’t had a chance yet to break out all the pieces and start putting things together, I have managed to have a glance through – very nice!

So, speaking of Legions, there are updated Army Lists for the Kingdom of Britannia, Prussian Empire, Federated States of America and the Empire of the Blazing Sun, as well as all the stat blocks from the Iron Scorpion booklet – for the French and Covenant models in the Iron Scorpion box.  All these have been recently updated, and the stats for the Black Wolf Raiding Company are also online.

Head over to and head to their downloads page, under the Dystopian Legions banner you will find all the ORBATs for download.

I will also endeavour to post up some photos and articles as I go through the Legions boxed set… Mwahahahahaha!