Planetfall Unboxings


Alistair Currie of the Brisbane City Crusaders Facebook page has been kind enough to provide pictures of some of the Planetfall Helixes just as he cracked them open.

As a Terran player I can’t support his radical and obviously misguided association with this force but I am nothing but fair (if I do say so myself) đŸ™‚

First up, the Rense System Navy Allied Assault Helix

Next the Dindrenzi Federation Aerial Interceptor Helix (Boo..Hiss…)

and finally the Dindrenzi Federation Recon Assault Helix


Why someone would willingly assist these corrupt forces is beyond me but I’m not a judging person.

Hopefully Alistair will bring some of these to the table this weekend.

If you have some unboxing pictures you’d like to post, please drop us an email or leave a post on the Element 270 Facebook page.


Unboxing Firestorm:Planetfall – Scenery Box One


My final (for now) unboxing of Firestorm: Planetfall is Scenery Box One.

Spartan have come up with a great idea, perspex pieces with laminated card buildings that combine to great some great terrain pieces.

What I think is great is the name – Box One – who knows what could be arriving in Box Two?

Hope you enjoy this unboxing and hopefully the next video (due in December) will be the Terran Core Helix (Yeh! – Terrans rule!)

Unboxing Firestorm Planetfall: Battle for Proteus Prime


Spartan Games latest and biggest release of 2014 is finally here.  Firestorm: Planetfall is here an you have a front row seat to the unboxing.

Stay tuned for 2 more unboxing videos over the next few days – the Works Raptor Helix and Scenery Box One.

Unboxing the Chinese Dragon for Dystopian Wars


Okay it’s really called the Chinese Federation Suppression Box but Dragon just sounds so much cooler. Welcome to my latest unboxing video and today we pull apart one of the latest boxed sets from Spartan Games.

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Unboxing the Amphibious Box Set for Dystopian Wars

It may not be one of the newest boxed sets but it is one that I’ve been wanting for a long time.

The Amphibious Boxed Set provides an important tool for playing those beach assault landings – it neatly allows you to bring an armoured force into a predominantly Naval game.

Hope you enjoy this unboxing and big thanks to The Combat Company for their help.

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Unboxing the Federated States of America Armoured Infantry for Dystopian Legions


In Dystopian Legions I love the FSA but have always found their Infantry to be a little weak – especially against the Empire of the Blazing Sun. Well the tables have turned with the FSA Armoured Infantry box – in the video below I break open said box and have a look.