Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi! Oi! Ouch!


Earlier this week I posted some photos of my latest Dystopian Wars fleet, the mighty Australians.  Today I was lucky enough to get my first game with them.  To save time – no I didn’t win but I did have a lot of fun with this very powerful force.


The list that I took for the battle was:

Royal Australians

  • 2 x Cerberus Class Battleships (320 points)
  • 1 Squad of (2) Tasmania Tender Cruisers (150 points)
  • 3 Squads of (2) Victoria Class Cruisers (600 points)
  • 2 Squads of (3) Protector Class Frigates with Sharpshooters (180 points)
  • 2 x (5) SAWs of Local Air Support (0)
  • 8 x Crocodile Assault Submarines (0)
  • Total: 1250 points

I turned up for my game with Greg who informed me that he had run through almost the entire range of Dystopian miniatures and had finally decided to bring….. Australians!  However they were the uncouth and delinquent Free Australians – not like mine who are still loyal to the crown of England.

The real stand outs from the battle were the Victoria Class Cruisers – with their deadly Main Gun that rolls 13 dice in range band 2 with Devastating Munitions they were a battle turner.  I made it my mission to remove those from Greg’s list ASAP.

A magazine explosion in turn 2 removed one of my Victoria class cruisers, causing damage on its nearby squad mate but not destroying it – phew!

At turn 3 Greg’s Crocodile Assault Submarines reached one of my Battleships and after a ferocious boarding action, the Free Australia’s not only Prized my battleship but then enacted Forced Compliance, turning its Devastating weapons against my own fleet!

Greg claimed victory with his field order at the end of turn 3- 50% MFV and all SMALLS.  My field order was 50% MFV including the Commodores vessel. This I would of achieved in Turn 4 as my own Crocodiles were bearing down on his Commodore.

It was a great game with some amazing dice rolls, the dice gods favouring me in the early turns and Greg later on.

The Australian’s won’t be sitting idly on my shelf, thats for sure, they are a fleet with powerful weapons and a lot of character (but not a lot of options).  Until next time – fear those bloody mongrels from down under!

IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0017 IMG_0016 IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0013 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0021 IMG_0020


Lost in the Clouds


As everyone knows, Dystopian Wars can be played across all three theatres of war (Land, Sea and Air) but most of the time we tend to only do Land and Air or Sea and Air – what about purely Air?

For a long time I’ve been wanting to play a pure Air battle – a grand melee amongst the clouds.  A place for those magnificent men in their flying machines to prove who is the best.

Setup for the game was easy – we rolled for terrain as normal and placed clouds instead of islands (we actually used the punch out islands from the Operation Shadow Hunter box upside down – showing their blank white sides only).  As far as rules for the clouds, there was a suggestion we use the rules presented by the Weather Manipulation Generator for Clouds and Storms.  Instead we just went with the simple – any line of sight that passes through a cloud is partially blocked, regardless of height level.  Other than that, there were no other line of sight issues to worry about.


Having only three height levels to use (Flying, Obscured and Stratospheric) made a couple of models unusable.  Models that laid Surface Mines became little more than AA batteries. SAS, while they could still AA targets in all three levels, were restricted to Fighters since Dive Bombers can only target Surface and Submerged levels and Torpedo Bombers were even more useless.

My opponent and I also took advantage of the Obscured and Stratospheric levels (Stratospheric for those models that could) and not one model dropped into the Flying height level all game – taking advantage of the 5+ and 6+ to hit rolls.  Probably the most difficult part about that was the amount of damage inflicted was well below what you would expect to see in a normal Dystopian Wars game – unless you get lucky like I did and roll 19 successes!

It was a great chance to try something different, but in the end it did remind me that Dystopian Wars is a game enjoyed in all three theatres of war.


BADGA Con Tournament Part 1

At the start of June the local gaming group ran an inaugural convention which included events for various game systems but the main event for me was the Dystopian Wars 1 day-er. We played 3 rounds of 2 ½ hours each. In all there were 10 players representing a fair spread of nations including Prussia, India (x2), COA, France and more. As there were only 3 rounds not everyone got to play each other. Tournament Points were awarded for:

  • Victory scoring double your opponents VP
  • Victory (dictated by TAC cards)
  • a draw (both players scored points)

Bonus points were scored for things like killing the commodore, and getting a magazine explosion.

At the end of the day players voted on the best painted fleet.

So to begin with I was planning on running a Khatanga/Tiksi based fleet then the Friday before the event I decided an RC/PLC mixed fleet would be the way to go. My thinking here was that I could maximise the 60% large mediums while maintaining some good firepower. This was slightly flawed logic in the end but it gave me a chance to road test some models I hadn’t played with previously.

My fleet ended up being:

1x Kostroma (Commodore) fleet carrier
1x Triglav assault carrier
1x Dazbog pocket battleship
2x Myshkin medium bombers
3x Bagiennik heavy frigates

The list was very light on mediums/smalls but I hoped the larges would do all the heavy lifting. The Myshkins were a bit of fun, drawing fire away from the main fleet while stratospheric and then making a late game attack run/boarding action. That was the plan, how did it go in action?

Battle 1 Prussia vs Russia

The Prussians were going to be tough. 3 assault carriers, 1 medium carrier, 2 heavy bombers, and a couple of small frigates to round out the group, along with fistfuls of SAW.

The Russians huddled together on the right side of the board the Prussians to the left. Early activation were all about spotter planes, luckily for the Russians the Prussians had a series of bad rolls and weren’t able to spot anything much at all.

Having said that the Triglav started taking damage more or less straight away.
SAW units moved up and started to engage each other. The sheer weight of numbers was in the Prussian favour, although the RC did have a few.

The heavy bombers start to move forward, one attacking the Triglav and speerschleudering it.

The Dazbog rounds the island and deals some damage to a bomber.

The Triglav is brought down and the Azov, with a bomber at its rear, takes a lot of damage very very quickly.

The Russian bombers, in the final turn of the game, bomb the only thing they can: a frigate. Yay.

The Azov is sunk. game over.

The game ended due to time, and despite the one-sidedness of the game it was a draw, as the Prussians hadn’t achieved their orders. It was a complete rout though and given more time the board would have been wiped clean of Russians I think.

In a few days time I’ll upload a separate post with the next two battles and a few points around how I thought the fleet went and what I’d do differently.

Until then I hope you enjoyed the report.

Chinese Federation face the Federated States of America

Hi everyone my name is Quinton, one of the resident Dystopian Wars fanatics that lives in the same town as Giles, hence why he suggested I write my report here.

This is my first battle report in a very loooooong time so here it goes.

Today one of the guys from the local gaming club came over to play a game of DW. He has recently expanded his FSA fleet and was itching to have a larger game. So the points were set at 3000 and my 8′ x 4′ table was going to be used to its fullest extent.

He would be facing off today against my feared Chinese Federation, a force which in my local meta has a little bit of a negative reputation, especially the floaty castle thingy.

My list consisted of;

MkII Jian Battleship with my Commodore

MkI Jian Battleship with Sonic Generator

Zhanmadao Dreadnought with Sonic Generator and 4 Dive Bomber SAS

Feilong Sky Fortress with 5 Dive Bomber SAS and one Scout SAW

Tian Long Armoured Dragon Robot

2 Units of 3 Chi Long Assault Flyers

2 units of 3 Chui Support Cruisers all with 24 Dive Bomber SAS

1 Units of 3 Dao Cruisers

2 Guan Dao Battle Cruisers

3 Units of 4 Yue Destroyers

1 Unit of 5 Zhulong Small Interceptors

10 Local Air Support Dive Bombers


The FSA forces consisted of;

Enterprise Dreadnought with Shield and Kinetic Generators and the FSA Commodore

2 Liberty Heavy Battleships with Shield Generators and Elite Crew

Boston Submarine with 6 Turtle Subs

San Francisco Assault Carrier with Shield Generator and 5 Dive Bomber SAS and 1 Scout SAS

Saratoga Fleet Carrier with 4 Dive Bomber SAS, 4 Fighter SAS and 1 Scout SAS

Savannah Sky Fortress with Target Painter and 2 units of 4 Dive Bomber SAS and 1 Scout SAS

Annapolis Battle Cruiser with Shield Generator

2 B-72 Heavy Bomber with 4 Fighter SAS each

2 Units of 3 Georgetown Cruiser with Shield Generators

1 Unit of 3 John Henry Robots

1 Unit of 3 Yale Heavy Destroyers

3 Units of 4 Augusta Frigates

1 Unit of 2 Revere Corvettes

Local Air Support of 5 Fighter SAS, 4 Fighter SAS and 1 Scout SAS


Well that is a huge list of units! Onto the battle.

I drew kill all large and massive as my objective and given the number of them in his list and where they were deployed I elected to drop that and took 70%. My opponent drew 70% off the bat, and when talking to him later he was a little bit daunted by the task.

We both drew 10 TAC cards however they played little part during the game, neither of us allowed for any to be successfully played so they only ended up being victory point bonuses for our opponent.

The Chinese Deployment

DSC_0702DSC_0703 DSC_0704

The FSA Deployment (apologies for the kids washing in the background)

DSC_0706 DSC_0707 DSC_0708

And here is a shot of the two opposing fleets facing off against one another.


Right onto Turn 1!

For the most part this turn saw the fleets moving toward each other with some long range shooting going on. The photo below shows the focusing of much of the Chinese firepower on a few targets, in the end there was some minor damage to a heavy bomber and a Georgetown on the FSA left flank, but the San Francisco ended up nearly crippled taking 5HP of damage. In return the FSA mangled the one of the destroyer squadrons and destroy a Dao cruiser on FSA left flank, reduce on of the Assault flyers to 2 HP in the center, deal a single HP of damage both to the Dreadnought and the Commodores Battleship and kill one of the small interceptors.


Below the initial damage to the FSA fleet


Minor damage to one of the Georgetown’s and two of the Augusta’s are taken out by fire from the Yue’s


Minor damage to one of the heavy bombers but the battle carrier is looking worse for wear.


The FSA right flank has come out of the first turn unscathed.

Initial damage to the Chinese fleet.


One destroyer squadron nearly gone and a cruiser lost!


Minor damage on some ships and the small interceptors are reduced to 4.


Turn 2

Now the game started to get interesting, and the joys of not taking notes when playing means that I cannot recall what order activations took place in. However the notable points where;

– Chinese won the initiative

– the Chi Long’s BBQing a John Henry

– the Zhanmadao finishing off one of the heavy bombers.


– a unit of Dive Bombers causing the FSA fleet carrier to Sturginium flare over the back past the heavy battleship.

– a poor Georgetown ending up with a veritable trail of flame and corrosion markers from the Yue destroyers.

DSC_0736 - edited

– The FSA focused most of their firepower on the Feilong Sky Fortress and though tough the mighty vessel might be eventually it was brought down by the massed firepower of the FSA fleet. However my opponent now has respect for just how tough a model can be when it is obscured and has Rugged Construction 2.

At the end of the turn before the end phase the FSA had 4 stricken vessel that looked like fire and corrosion would sink them beneath the waves.

DSC_0738 DSC_0739 DSC_0740 DSC_0741

It was a lot of repair rolls to succeed at, however it was too great a task for the FSA Commodore and they all slipped beneath the waves.

After the end phase the scrap yards were starting to fill up with models.

The FSA scrap yard at the end of turn 2 was sitting at 965VPs to the Chinese, 305 of which was caused by persistent effects!


The Chinese scrap yard at the end of turn 2 was filling but was a little behind to FSA on 515VPs


The FSA left flank is starting to look sparse after turn 2


The center is still holding strong with the Dreadnought and the Sky Fortress but both Heavy bombers are down and the John Henry’s are seriously depleted and the Boston is stuck on the surface waiting for the Chinese retaliation next turn. The Chinese have taken damage but have yet to lose a model in the center, the next turn will be telling.


The FSA right flank is still going strong with only light damage to one of the heavy destroyers, however at this point they are struggling to contribute to the battle as they are a little too far away from the firefight.


aaaand a long shot down the board to give it all perspective


Turn 3

Again no notes, grrrrrr, next time I am taking notes!

Well notable points in this turn were;

– Chinese won the initiative again


– First activation was to Dive bomb the Boston Submarine which resulted in a Sturginium Flare (these dive bombers are great this game). However didn’t move it far enough to crash into anything.

Where is my battleship

– the FSA againing focusing fire on one of my poor defenseless battleships (not my Commodore’s vessel, he was bravely hiding behind an island) and sending it below the waves.


– My Dreadnought living up to it’s fearsome reputation, triple critting two Georgetowns from RB3 (Guns) and 4 (Rockets), reducing the squadron to 1 vessel in a single activation.

By the end of the third turn the FSA fleet was pretty much in tatters, the entire left flank was gone apart from some frigates, while my force on this flank was largely intact (surprisingly so was the dragon it usually dies first)


The center was not looking much better, with only the Savannah undamaged and the Enterprise down 4HP and 5AP staring at a potential assault from 24 AP from the Chi Long assault fliers.


On the FSA right flank there were still some powerful units undamaged however they would be soon facing down the majority of the Chinese fleet unsupported if the center fell quickly.


The view from the Chinese side of the board

DSC_0762 DSC_0764

At the end of Turn 3 the scrap yards looked like this;

In the FSA scrap yard a total of 1515VPs to the Chinese


In the Chinese scrap yard a total of 970VPs to the FSA


Neither side had acheived thier objective of 70% so the game would go onto turn 4.

Unfortunately at this point my esteemed opponent had to leave so we did not get to finish the game, however we both agree that the eventual result (barring some fantastic rolling on the FSA part and some terrible on the Chinese part) would be a Crushing victory to the Chinese. There was just not enough FSA firepower left on the table to be able to achieve the needed 1200VPs to get their objective.

Overall this was a really fun game, my opponent was very sportsmanlike and took the loss very well. We played the game in a more friendly manner rather than competitively as it helped greatly with speeding up the game when we could just move a unit of smalls without having to use a template, we just both agreed on the most appropriate position.

I hope that you enjoyed the battle report, I currently have another big game planned in a few days time, my Chinese against the dastardly Prussians. So I hope to have another report up soon.



Russia vs Australia

The Russians, still buoyed by their victory over French a month earlier were looking to keep up their form while practicing for the up and coming tournament. The Royal Australians were looking to do some major damage, for Queen and Country.


1x Khatanga
1x Kostroma (commodore)
3x Tiksi
4x Novgorods
Russian SAW (19) included 2 recon planes and the rest were dive bombers

1x Cerberus (commodore)
1x Cerberus
2x Victoria
1x Victoria
3x Protector
2x Protector

All Australian SAW (10) were fighters.

The sea had been churned brown, and a string of islets sat on the Russian side of the battlefield, creating in the centre a nice funnel. There was a smaller corridor closer to one edge of the board to. The Australians fanned out pointing toward the main corridor.


Initially the Russians moved the Novgorods into a screening line across the mouth of the opening to protect the big K. The Russians only too well know the devastation Australian guns can cause.


Both sides moved SAWs forward. The Russian ships moved from right to left across the board while the bulk of the Australian ships moved toward the centre. The Khatanga, having line of sight used area bombardment wiping out the squadron of 2 Protectors. Various Australian ships took pot-shots at the Novgorods killing 2.


The SAWs started their work, with the Australian fighters killing a whole unit of RC bombers, while they started to drop ordnance on the Cerberus battleships.

The Tiksis unwisely turned into the corridor (aka the meat grinder) bombarding one of the Cerberus and lone Victoria who had come very close together. The Khatanga continued to move across the board finishing off the Vic and further damaging one Cerberus. The Kostroma moved forward to support the SAW and ease rearmament. The Tiksis quickly started to take damage, with the Aussies focusing on kills rather than spreading fire.


The Big K finished off the 3 Protectors who isolated from the rest of the Aussies were easy pickings. The Tiksis and the Cerberus’s traded fire. As did the fighters and bombers. Some bombers were lucky enough to rearm.


MS Paint coming to the rescue showing us the major final movements

In the final 2 turns a lot happened. It looked like it could go either way. The Aussies Fleet Commander boarded, prized and forced compliance from the last remaining Tiksi. Luckily it wasn’t in a great position for the Aussies. The Kostroma blasted up the narrow passage (easy) boarded and rendered the Cerberus derelict, which only had 1 HP left and it slipped below the waves at the end of the turn. The Kostroma then took some hefty damage from the 2 Victoria gunships pointed straight at her. The Khatanga rounded the island and with the help of the lone recon plane was able to sink the Aussie fleet commander’s Cerberus.


And thus the Russians achieved their Victory condition: Kill all smalls +50%. The Aussies were close to theirs: Fleet commander +50%. We played out a couple more turns but with the Big K behind the Victorias they weren’t around long enough to finish off the Kostroma, let alone respond to the undamaged K bone.


  • The Aussies had deployed well, focusing on the central corridor. Which I should never have entered with my Tiksis. Avoiding obvious traps is always a good idea.
  • Some fighters would have been good, to kill off their fighters and then rearm, I didn’t get enough rearming in to really make the SAWs all that, although they did get a number of nice attacks in on the Cerberus battleships.

So this weekend there is a tournament which I’ve been building up to. Still not decided on a final list… Should be a good day, although i think it’ll be an uphill battle. Keep an eye out for a post or two about it in the coming weeks.

Russia vs France – 750 Point Battle

This was my first game for 2015 as well as one of my opponent’s first 2.0 games so it was good to dust off the models and finally get them back on the table. There is also an up and coming tournament being run by the local gaming group so this was also a good chance to test out some 750 point model combos to hopefully wreak havoc with. We fielded:

1x Magenta Class Battleship
3x Marseille Class Light Cruisers
2x Voltaire Class Heavy Interceptors
4x Alma Class Reconnaissance Frigates
4x Lyon Class Frigates
3x Lyon Class Frigates


1x Khatanga
3x Tambovs
2×4 Novgorods
2x Veliky’s (attached to the Big K)


The Russians were grouped tightly in one corner hoping the mass of their forces would batter the French into submission. The French were arrayed across the back line, seemingly looking to envelop the Russian menace.

Movement mostly, the Khatanga is able to put some hurt on one of the Marseille. A Novgorod is sunk.

The frigates on both sides smash each other to pieces, the French come off second best. The Voltaires have also come and gone with the Tambovs taking heavy damage 2 of the 3 receiving criticals and losing AP.

Tambovs cripple and eventually destroy the Marseilles, with some help from the Novgorods. Meanwhile more french frigates move in from the left and really put some hurt on the Tambovs.

The Tambovs are finished off and finally rounding the island the and after taking a bit more damage from French SAS the Khatanga opens up, but not targeting the French battleship as expected, instead opting for the small skimmers, sinking the lot.

This achieved the Russian Victory condition sink all smalls +50%. The French had to sink the Khatanga to achieve theirs. I’ve had a patchy record with the Coalition but this was nice bit of form.


  • I don’t think the forces were particularly well matched. These French may have achieved more against another foe but the Russians were a bit too much.
  • The Special K is crazy good, no wonder its the staple of most Russian fleets. It can take a beating and has guns falling off it.
  • Tambovs did well despite being pushed into the centre of the board, where most of the French were directed. They could have been better supported but they held up and did their jobs… until they died, like good Russian serfs, in the service of the overlord.

Anyway… this battle happened over a month ago now and the Russians, a slightly different force, have since taken on the Australians. I’ll post that soon.

The tournament is happening over the Queen’s birthday long weekend here in Victoria, Australia, yes we know its not even her actual birthday but its a holiday so yay for that, but a full run down of events will be posted thereafter.


The Continuing Adventures of the Airbrush Novice

Welcome back to my blog following the (mis)adventure of an Airbrush novice.


As far as set up goes, I’ve now got a great set up.  Using a piece of foam board I created a shield that fits into my painting area.  The three sides stop any overspray from going over my desk.  Also the addition of a respirator mask now ensures total fume protection!


So my current project is the Terran Core Helix for Firestorm Planetfall.  Starting off with a black primer, I undercoated all the models.  Heres some tips when airbrushing – (1) Wear some disposable gloves to keep the paint off your hands (2) before you start spraying, run some airbrush cleaner through the airbrush then put your colour in and do some test sprays on a napkin and (3) to paint small objects build up a collection of soft drink bottle caps with some blu-tack on top.  This helps in getting good coverage across the entire piece.


With the primer completed, I then did the first coat (I used Vallejo Game Air – Leather Brown).  I kept the spray light, allowing some of the primer to show through.


To finish the base coat, I did a second coat but this time only across the top of the model.

So I feel I’ve reached a good point with my airbrushing techniques.  It is a real time saver and doesn’t interfere to much with the amazing detail that is on these models.

Hope this blog has helped encourage some of you to give airbrushing a try – I know I’m not going back to old fashioned spray cans for a long time.

The Continuing Adventures of an Airbrush Novice

As the day dawned I was met by a mixture of anticipation and dread.  For the last week I had been procrastinating about beginning to use the airbrush.  Even yesterday, after writing my first blog post I was trying to find anything else to do to justify that I had no more time available to begin.

Today I was determined to stop the procrastination and embark on my adventure.

After connecting all the equipment together I ran a few tests and then embarked on my new painting life.  The initial results were poor, mostly due to not being able to coordinate a combination of blasting air across the model and mixing paint – coordination had never been a strong suit for me.

You can see me first results on the video below.  I did improve greatly from my first attempts as the photos at the end of the video will attest to.

So where to now?  I remarked to my wife earlier how much fun I had using the airbrush, the problem is I have to complete the models I have now sprayed before I spray more – this was an unforeseen problem that I have to deal with.  Don’t be surprised if I end up with a heap of airbrushed models awaiting final painting.

The Adventures of an Airbrush Novice

2015 will be a change of painting direction for me.  For the last 18 years I’ve been a traditional painter – black or white spray undercoat, large or standard brush for the first coat, detail brush for certain parts, fine detail brush for highlights etc etc.

Well times are changing for me and I’m (finally) moving on to an airbrush. So I thought I would chronicle my first attempts at using this new medium.

To start I purchased the necessary equipment.  To begin I purchased an air compressor, connecting hose and an airbrush itself.

IMG_0207 IMG_0208 IMG_0210

To complete the set up I also purchased the following:

Airbrush Thinner – This was in case I needed to thin my existing paints to a consistency needed for airbrushing.


Airbrush cleaner – You have to clean the airbrush after each use and this solution makes it easy.  Combine it with an Airbrush cleaning pot and I hope to avoid any nasty clogging issues.

IMG_0209 IMG_0211

Finally was paints – Vallejo make a range of airbrush ready paints.  I selected some white and grey primer plus a few basic colours.


So what’s next?  I’ll be connecting up the equipment and doing my first few sprays.  I’m also hoping this will speed up my painting schedule.

You can follow my progress through the Element 270 blog or via my new Instagram account Romerous111.