Beware the Greeks…

It is not my intention just to copy paste every time Spartan add an update to their Kickstarter for the Modular Terrain, but this one, like the last, was just too good to pass over without comment.

In the latest update we have the terrain being used with a new art design, and a bunch of 40mm Greek Hero and monster figures, to create a sort of epic Greek Hero throwdown.  The models look absolutely stunning, from the heroes, to the skeletons and monsters.  One of the creatures that makes me stop and go giddy, is the render of the Scorpion, a true behemoth at 125mm long and nearly as high!

One of the other key things of interest, and the reason this post has me particularly excited, is because of the mention of a rules set I know has been kick around Spartan HQ for a good long while… Death or Glory! Here is what the KS page has to say:

What is Death or Glory?

The idea behind Death or Glory, or DoG for short, is fairly simple: create a set of skirmish rules that are quick to play, fun, colourful, different and provide a gaming experience that allows Legends and Heroes to be just that! We wanted to play games featuring mythical warriors such as Perseus, Hercules, Achilles and other Greek Heroes, but beyond that the game engine had to embrace many, many genres. One engine to learn – a myriad of tabletop options. Achilles one week, Robin Hood the next or maybe an Elven Warrior the next.

The focus of development was therefore to create rules that favoured the heroes and legends of past centuries at the expense of the common warrior. To make such heroes and legends quite literally deadly on the tabletop. BUT – and this is a big BUT – they are not unbeatable. If you charge a hero into a unit of enemy warriors on his own, with no support or strategy, it’s going to hurt – or could even be fatal! But use him as he should be – a heroic fighter – and he will carve his away around a battlefield, just as these inspiring characters do in the movies.

The idea is to use DoG to re-enact scenes from a movie, book or graphic novel, or make up your own encounters using lots of models. Whether you have Leonidas cutting a path through Persian Immortals to save an injured companion, or Jason trying to fight his way through skeletons to the safety of his ship, DoG is perfect for recreating such encounters.

Our first set of rules and statistics fit in the Greek world, where we start with the mythological world of heroes and monsters like Perseus, Herakles, Cyclops, Minotaur, Aeetes, Medusa and so on. Names of characters that invoke exciting ideas of recreating those pivotal moments in movies as the hero (or villain!?) wins the day. We look forward to seeing your adventures and hearing about your heroic adventures in the world of Death or Glory!


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10mm Scenery

Spartan have been saying for a while that their Kickstarter Terrain is flexible, and can handle a range of scales.  Well, this photo well and truly demonstrates that you can build a very nice looking table in 10mm.


I love the look of the city buildings, but what really caught my eye was that a change of panelling and you can make a very nice looking bridge. Strange thing to notice I suppose – but it looks cool. Add to that the fact I can literally take the roof tiles off each building and fight on the inside with infantry assaults (imagine a series of objectives inside that large rectangular building – and having to fight room for room to take and hold them – while a ferocious battle rages around the table…).

Great for Planetfall and Dropzone Commander, this stiff is really neat (and next game I could be using it with my 32mm Legions models or DnD Game!)

From antiquity to the future

Ok, by now everyone who listens to the podcast and or follows this blog will now that I’m biased – I love what Spartan Games do, and they produce the nicest miniatures I own and the most enjoyable games I play.  However, beyond Spartan Games I play a lot of things, one of my favourite skirmish games is Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games, and I have a raft of rules sets, from Dux Britanniarium, to Infinity, to Dead Man’s Hand and Pulp Alley sitting on my shelf. In addition to having far too many little soldiers around the house, I also rather enjoy my role playing – I’ve been playing through a campaign with Edge of the Empire and are about to start another using D&D 5th Ed.  All of this brings us to the Terrain Kickstarter Spartan currently has running…

Linkety Link…

The thing is, I can see myself using this terrain for all of these games, in Dystopian Legions I can create a bunker system, towers, defences, in Dystopian Wars I can build huge structures – like a Metzger assembly line or similar (and I’m hoping Spartan do a range of birds-eye view streets, cobbles and other things so I can lay out the base tiles, and arrange a village or city layout on top).  In Song of Blades and Heroes I can make towers, build castles, organise a dungeon for when I play Song of Gold and Darkness.  Towers and walls could also be used in a pinch for Dux.  Buildings and other features can pretty easily made for Dead Man’s Hand, Pulp Alley and Infinity, and of course they can be used as the map floors for any RPG requiring one.

I guess all I have to say is that I’m excited! I really hope the KS funds – although I have to admit it’s looking shaky – I really hope it picks up speed as Spartan show us more of what can be done.

So anyway – from the most recent updates on the KS…


That’s a pretty sprawling layout – well over a metre from side-to-side…


Now this would be an awesome arrangement to play a special Legions scenario in…


With the WWII art.


This teased photo mentions 40mm Greeks!


Neat way of introducing fun events into a skirmish game or RPG…

Episode 22 – Halo and Kickstarter…

This episode was recorded a couple of days before the big announcement!

In this episode Giles talks to Neil and Derek of Spartan Games about some exciting news: A new space fleet game for Halo, and the Kickstarter for Spartan’s Universal Modular Wargames Terrain.

We talk about the Halo game, what it’s like working with such an illustrious IP, and what players can expect from the game.

We also talk about the Spartan Games Kickstarter – the Universal Modular Wargames Terrain – a set of terrain pieces that can be used to create interesting environments for nearly any scale and theme all from the same box. Check out:

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You can find the episode here:

Spartan Games Modular Terrain

Spartan Games has gone to Kickstarter!

This is a completely modular terrain set – with the basic size being a 90x90mm square, and some pledge levels including an absolute ton of them!

There are options for different art work styles – which can be slotted in and out to create terrain of different styles, and a heap of various stretch goals and add on, and the terrain can be built up as well as out!

Also looks like one of the stretch goals is a Firestorm Spec Ops game!