The shot heard round the world

A little while ago we had the Shepparton Miniatures Gamers Dystopian Wars Tournament which was awesome. I went with the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. I came 5th overall with 2 Wins 1 Draw and 2 Losses. 

It has been a while and the counselling is finally starting to kick in so here goes… This is a quick story of my 3rd match.

I fielded 1 Zamiec with a Grom buddy, 1x Triglav, 3x Marowit, 3x Podaga, 4 Frigates.

My opponent played as New Zealand with 2x Cerberus Battleships, 4x Victorias, 4x Protectors and 5x Goshawks (these were all named after Maori gods of death… fittingly)


New Zealand deployed arrayed along their side of the board pointing inwards. PLC deployed tight in behind an island for cover, very tight.

Turn 1 went fairly quickly and not much happened. The PLC didn’t really take much damage at all. But New Zealand had 2 critically injured Victorias, one downed Goshawk and one injured Goshawk.


Early in turn one. That block of cruisers will move forward and maintain basically the same spacing… great idea…

Turn 2 opens. NZ win initiative. Goshawks activate targeting the Grom. Ok, thats fine I think to myself. Opponent plays devastating ordinance… Ok fine, it’s early in the game, shouldn’t be pivotal at this point and I get 60 points…and naturally he rolls a triple critical. Yikes. 1st some effect. 2nd Magazine explosion. This results in a dead Grom. But not just a dead Grom but an explosion-y one. Boom.6 hits rolled… Trig minus 1 HP, Zamiec -1 HP Marowits -1 hp each… the Podagas on the other hand. Yikes. All crited. First one rolled some effect, second one another effect… third one: Magazine explosion. Scoring enough HP loss to kill it, causing another massive blast. Oh FFS. Crits to all other ships. Another magazine explosion, this time from a Marowit. Crits all round once again, good bye Triglav. 


The Grom vaporised the rest of the fleet damaged but the back line is about to cause more problems…


3rd on the trot 1 Grom, 1 Podaga, and now a Marowit


Triglav – Dead
3 Marowits – Dead
3 Podagas – Dead
1 Grom – Dead
Zamiec 5 HP lost

The Heavy Frigates were all good which was nice.

More than 70% of the fleet annihilated by a damaged unit of smalls in one hit the first activation of the second turn. Yowzer! My opponent later calculated the odds which he put at 1 in 76.7 million

We played out the turn. I sunk the Vics and the Zamiec went down. Obviously massive MASSIVELY crushing defeat for the Poles. It was epic. Nuts. But man as those Mags started cascading I just had to strap in and take it.


A consolation prize from my opponent, Hehehe, hopefully it helps ease the pain next time.


We have a winner

We have a WINNER!
2 Months ago we started the first Dystopian Legions Painting Competition and we had 3 man who joined the competition with their awesome painted platoons. 1 Month ago the voting started and I want to thank everyone who voted because we had a lot of people who brought out their vote on their favourite.

So now all my talking (well actually typing) is over I will present the winner…..Congratulations PAUL! Your platoon was voted as the best painted one so you are the winner of the first Dystopian Legions Painting Competition. Your prize will be send to you by mail.

KoB 1st Pltn 1st Section

I want to thank Jon, Paul & Todd for joining the competition and I hope you guys and other painters will join again in the next competition. Keep on the good painting work everyone and see you next time.

Kind Regards,

An Ice Wind Blows…



In the icy reaches of the Antarctic forces are mustering, the Covenant, after much careful planning, is on the march. Commando forces from this, most mysterious, nation are starting to make their presence felt…


Spartan recently announced the first wave of Dystopian Legions boxes to be released for the Covenant of Antarctica!





Planetfall Unboxings


Alistair Currie of the Brisbane City Crusaders Facebook page has been kind enough to provide pictures of some of the Planetfall Helixes just as he cracked them open.

As a Terran player I can’t support his radical and obviously misguided association with this force but I am nothing but fair (if I do say so myself) 🙂

First up, the Rense System Navy Allied Assault Helix

Next the Dindrenzi Federation Aerial Interceptor Helix (Boo..Hiss…)

and finally the Dindrenzi Federation Recon Assault Helix


Why someone would willingly assist these corrupt forces is beyond me but I’m not a judging person.

Hopefully Alistair will bring some of these to the table this weekend.

If you have some unboxing pictures you’d like to post, please drop us an email or leave a post on the Element 270 Facebook page.


Voting for Legions

Hello everyone,

After one month of painting we have three contestants who submitted pictures of their platoons to me. The three contestants are: Todd, Paul and Jon. The pictures of their platoons are visible below. One picture is shown here and the others are available via the link provided under it.

Todd’s Platoon 4

Paul’s Platoon 1st Pltn 1st Section

Jon’s Platoon 2

Here below you will find the poll where you can vote on your favourite platoon, the voting will end on 31 December and in the first week of January the winner will be announced.

Thank you for voting and thank you Todd, Paul and Jon for submitting your platoons.

Kind regards,

Dystopian Legions Update


Dystopian Legions has just had a big suite of updates, including updated ORBATs for the Kingdom of Britannia, Federated States of America, Prussian Empire and Empire of the Blazing Sun.

In addition to this there is a new FAQ, which covers off a huge range of questions from the forums, as well as providing some interesting twists to the system. Battlelog points, for example, are scored before the restore order step – meaning the accumulation of Shaken markers is going to have a significant impact on your ability to score points.

You can see the blog post on the Spartan Website here.

Also foreshadowed is the release of some fun optional rules!

The painting competition for Dystopian Legions also gets a mention!


Shepparton Miniature Gamers Dystopian Wars Event!


I mentioned back at the start of September that my local gaming group – the Shepparton Miniature Gamers, are running a Dystopian Wars tournament on the 10th and 11th of October. Many thanks go out to the Tournament Organiser Quinton – who has done a splendid job of arranging everything.

Well the time approaches swiftly, where the fleets of many a brave captain will do bloody battle for supremacy.

We have been extremely lucky to have had wonderful support from Spartan Games (many thanks), and have some wonderful prizes on offer!


All the prizes in all their glory! Thanks again to Spartan Games for their wonderful support!


Each of the prize winners will get a custom made trophy from Spartan.


All these boxes form the prize pool for winners, as well as…


The extremely rare, Bloody Rose of Krakow, something previously only available as a promotional item at Salute a few years ago! (there are 5 – one for each winner!)


Each trophy has a stand – and they look very nifty!

So thanks again Spartan for your wonderful support, and anyone out there who was on the fence about coming along – hesitate no longer! There are still some places left and we’d love to have as many players come along as possible! If you are interested, check out the event page on Facebook, here.

BADGA Con Tournament Part 2

This post continues my write up of how my Russian/Polish forces fared at the BADGA Con Dystopian Wars Tournament

Round 2 RC/PLC vs COA

I entered the next round hoping to recover from a fairly poor showing against the Prussians (see part 1). My next match was against the Covenant of Antarctica. I got a bit slack with photos as the game progressed but here it is anyway.

Again the RC/PLC deployed tightly to one side.The COA were more spread out. They were using a lot of escorts and running drones as CAP, an unusual choice, which benefited me a bit, not having to face wave after wave of drone.

The Azov moved forward taking down some smalls

The Triglav damages the Hippasus, good to see it doing some damage rather than just taking it this time.


Here is where the photos end, but to run through what happened thereafter:

  • The PLC smalls are taken out.
  • The Hippasus goes down under constant fire from the RC forces rounding the island.
  • The Aristotle’s particle accelerator short pings off the end of the Azov, killing one of its own escorts in the process.

The game had run right through lunch at this point and was eventually called on account of time. This one moved a bit slower than most matches. I think given more time the Russians would have steamrolled from that flank and won the game. While the smalls were gone the other ships hadn’t taken much damage. Although the Diophantus hadn’t seen much action and would have been very tough to take down.

Round 3 RC/PLC vs Australia

The final match of the day, possibly a chance o grab some points and make a leap to the middle of the pack? One can dream…

Deploying slightly differently this time I split my forces across the sides of the board with the weight to the right flank. I was hoping the Azov to hold that section virtually on its own.

On the second or 3rd activation of the game the Victorias take a pot shot at the Myshkin bombers from across the board and, you guessed it. Critical hit – Magazine explosion. My opponent then rolled a 6 meaning it dealt: 3 HP +1 equaling a dead bomber and yes this caused a crit on the neighboring bomber (can’t remember what this was though). Yikes. Things weren’t looking great but this sort of action is why we love the game.

The PLC frigates and the Azov are no match for the Cerberus and Protectors coming there way. The Azov takes some heavy damage and the frigates are no more.

Across the board the Russians push up exchanging light fire with the Aussies.20150607_163114

  • The Aussie mini subs spring their trap rush forward and board the Triglav. Unfortunately for them they encounter some hardy drunken Polish marines who repel them with virtually no losses. All the Aussies are wiped out in the attempt
  • The Victorias follow this up with their own attempt similarly annihilating themselves against the Polish defenders.
  • The Dazbog moves up and prizes one, the Kostroma prizing the other.
  • The Tasmanias move forward, but one is destroyed in the process and the other is boarded and prized. Luck has definitely moved to favour the Russians.
  • Despite this huge points swing to the RC they are unable to fulfill their victory condition of all smalls +50%.

After sinking the Azov the Australians round the island and take aim.


They score a crit – sturginium flare. Teleporting the the Dazbog before its demise. Australia fulfills their victory condition: all mediums +50%.

It was an awesome match and easily the best of the day for me both performance and enjoyability wise. The swings in fortune and cinematic events the magazine explosion, the boarding madness etc really is why we all play this game I think. Its just good fun!

Thoughts on the day and my force

The day itself was run well, especially considering the guy who was running the event got sick and another guy had to fill in. Nice work!

The day was won by a guy fielding the Indian Raj whose bombards wreaked havoc. Best painted fleet went to another player feilding Indian Raj looking very ‘Red Fort’.

I probably should have taken a more traditional Russian force with a Khatanga at least, as well as some Tiksis. But instead I decided to try something a bit different going with the PLC combination. While this allowed me to max out the 60% large/massive component it didn’t have the firepower or staying power other force combos may have had.

The Triglav is ok but I don’t understand why it doesn’t have a shield generator. All the other medium & large PLC units have one, it should too it needs one badly! It is too fragile otherwise.