Giant Stompy Robots Strike Back


We have previously seen the giant stompy robots released for the Prussians, Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Covenant of Antarctica (Peter even did an unboxing).

Now we see what Spartan have been working on – the giant stompy robots for the FSA and KoB! Boy – has it been worth the wait! These sculpts look fantastic!



Ok – so the FSA one is a skimmer, and has the potential to carry a gigantic rocket powered hammer. This sculpt is pretty darn spectacular.

12187735_10156149011875363_1929822606283094342_n12219385_10156149011640363_8490712510906736793_n 12227795_10156149011795363_9054187736684224728_n

Wow, ok, so this is Howl’s Moving Castle in a world where Howl loves nothing more than gigantic howitzers. This is a strange beast of a machine, but probably my favourite so far!

I absolutely cannot wait to see what the French and Russians have in their arsenals.


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