Unboxing the Iron Scorpion


Iron Scorpion – the new 2 player battle box for Dystopian Legions has been released.  It is Spartan Games’ second biggest release of 2014 is upon us and it is fantastic.

41 Pewter models, Rulebook, Campaign book, dice, templates and a MDF ruined building – the 2 player set is great value for money; but don’t take my word for it, instead sit back and enjoy the Iron Scorpion Unboxing video below.


QuickCalc Numbers (iPad/iPhone) version


Hi everyone, a while ago I mentioned about doing a QuickCalc version for the Apple iPad/iPhone app, Numbers.

Here is what I have come up with so far. It’s only for the Grand Coalition and contains FSA, KOB and RC.

Hoping to get some feedback before I move forward with an Imperial Bond version.

To install the file you need to a) download it from the Element270 Facebook page (because I can’t upload a zip file to WordPress for some reason) and unzip it, b) using iTunes put it onto your iPad or iPhone (in the Apps section), then c) open Numbers and use the “+” button and select Copy from iTunes.

As it is a template, you’ll need to hit Add when it asks if you wish to add it to the Template Chooser.

It should now appear in your My Templates area. Sounds a little long winded but I’m not sure how to make it any easier.

Anyway – enjoy

Dystopian Wars 2.0 Summary Sheets – Model Classifications & Updated Tables


The summary sheets available on the Downloads page have had an update and a new addition.

The Summary Tables PDF has been updated to version 2 and contains an extra page with an IDF (Indirect Fire) table, End Phase table and a collection of Major and Minor powers and their allegiances.  (DW2_Summary_Tables_V2)

The latest Summary Sheet covers Model Classifications including Infantry and Support Aircraft Squadrons.  (DW2_Model_Classifications_V1)

I hope you find the latest PDFs handy to use – please let me know if there are any errors or omissions.

Until next time – watch out for those Exploding (RED) 6’s!

Sneaky Preview from Spartan Games for Dystopian Legions






Look what Spartan Games has just dropped into our laps via Facebook.

Painted preview models for Dystopian Legions.  These models look amazing.

Hopefully they will be in our hands ASAP; until then lets just sit and drool.


2.0 Stats for the Core Nations are now available


With the release of 2.0 today, Spartan Games have released the stats for the 7 core nations.

You can download the PDFs from any of these locations:




Happy gaming and watch out for those exploding 6’s!

Mobile MAR Document updated.

Hi everyone,

Just a really quick post to let everyone know I have made some minor changes to the MAR Document to clear up some errors and omissions, and then uploaded it.

Fixes are:

– Updated Elusive Target as per the Errata and Clarifications document.
– Updated Strategic Objective as per the Errata and Clarifications document.
– Fixed the typo on Combat Drop.

The new version is available over in the Downloads page.



MARs for your Mobile

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been compiling and formatting a version of the Online MARs document into an up-to-date PDF that I can easily search and browse through using a smartphone (My No.1 information tool for war-gaming these days!). Since I’d already done the work for myself, I thought I may as well post it online and see if anyone else can get some use out of it too.

Each page is also individual bookmarked and sorted into alphabetical order. I haven’t changed any of the text beyond a little re-paragraphing to make them easier to read, and some text formatting to bring in bold, colours and the like where needed.

So far, I have:

– Taken the MAR Document, broken it down so each MAR is an individual searchable page.
– Searched through the other downloadable PDF’s for any MARs missing and added them in.
– Searched through the other downloadable PDF’s for any MARs that have been changed and amended them.
– Ordered each MAR I have located into alphabetical order.
– Bookmarked each page so that they can be browsed easily.
– Done a little formatting so everything looks the same.

Have a look, let me know what you think, and if you spot anything I’ve missed such as any 6’s that should be 6‘s, correct terms or even entire MARs, let me know and I’ll update the document and re-upload it.

Of course, all of the information in this document is copyright of Spartan Games as well, I have simply taken it and reorganized it to make it a little easier to find all in one place. But I have only used the freely downloadable PDF’s as source material, so shouldn’t be any issues.

To find this document, just head over to the Downloads page.

High Hopes for a Lucky Strike

So, I’ve just finished painting up the Strike Flotilla box, the ships are ready to join the fray in earnest. I’ve done them in the same sort of scheme, paint wise, as the rest of my fleet, which is to be expected really…

All the models look great, as is expected. From the hodge-podge of decks, grates and rooves that is the Nikel to ‘dat drill each has its own character while paying homage to their antecedents. It was a struggle to do them justice.

Strike Flotilla

The goal for Spartan in introducing these ships to the Russian’s was to add some much needed strategic depth and gameplay variation. I for one am very glad and hopeful for the future. A future where the waves are crested with the mangled hulls of my enemies (fair warning Giles).

The places you'll go...

The places you’ll go…

The wedge, much like the Mighty Duck’s ‘Flying V’ has always been the mainstay of Russian tactics. Grouping all ships together and charge head-on toward the enemy, hoping the serfs strapped to the outer hull, the so called ‘ablative armour’, will hold long enough to bring the big guns into range.

Unfortunately for me this hasn’t really been overly successful. Mostly due to placing units too far apart and/or not sheltering the right units in the right way, meaning when/if I arrive I have very little left in the tank and the units that do are too far apart to provide any real concentrated fire. Divided we fall and all that business. I always seem to end up with the smalls off by themselves getting picked off one by one and larges getting pounded into oblivion. The big guys still pack a punch but don’t usually survive too long once they are in range, due to the concentration of enemy fire. Typically you’d either use the larges to shield the smalls or the smalls to reduce the incoming dice on the larges. This is something I need to do better but having options is good.

I’ve played two games with elements of the the Strike Flotilla in them and so far they’ve done well but are yet to be fully battle tested. Here are the key things I’m looking forward to with these new ships:

1. Drilling something… anything… The big ship of the Strike Flotilla is the Khatanga, which I’m thinking of naming the RNS Khodorkovsky (you can thank google for that joke).  It has a massive drill on it… so naturally Drilling Something has to be top of the list, even if it turns out to be horribly impractical, who can resist. The few rams I have done have always been highlights of each engagement, as only ramming something can be… (too much?), moving on…

That should do the trick...

That should do the trick…

2. The Tiksi’s MAR: Attachment, Naval Medium 1. A reinforced cruiser squadron plus one of these bad boys providing some longer range indirect fire from the rear? Yes please! Apparently the 2/2 Suvorov/Tambov squadrons were very powerful so a 2/1/1 formation should do pretty well. Whether or not its worth the points for just one will be the test. 

mulling combinations...

mulling combinations…

3. Concussive Barrage ammo. I don’t play many factions besides COA so boarding isn’t a huge threat but its not an ideal tactic either, given the drunk serfs being forced to carry out the missions. This should help make offensive boarding easier if concentrated properly, as well as provide some defence when the time comes.

4. Range/Indirect Fire. This was a big issue in the last game I played. Ablative was stripped off left and right thanks to the Australian Victoria Class gunships with their double exploding ammo. Granted I didn’t shield myself well (icebergs from the Khatanga will help this) but being able to fire back earlier would have offered some respite/vengeance. Being able to do this easier from a well covered position can only be a good thing. It may mean I start using recon planes too for a change.

Ready to join the swarm

Ready to join the swarm

5. Sheaf Fire, being able to hit multiple targets with a single link fire attack is always good. This seems to be a great way to hurt a closely formed squadron of smalls, mediums, or potentially spreading fire across a couple of squadrons if they’ve been funnelled closely together. This could also be effective in controlling tactical points on the board, forcing ships away from certain areas.

Truly mortorfying... I'll see myself out

Truly mortarfying… I’ll see myself out

These are my musings on key tactical benefits of the new ships and what I’ll be trying to use them for. If nothing else they give the Russians some ability to hit back as they crawl across the table. Definitely looking forward to getting these guys on the table.

Escorts – Good Things in Small Packages


Escorts; small, fast, unarmed (mostly) and with armour like tissue paper – yet these ships are some of the best investments you can add to your fleet in Dystopian Wars.


Escorts are only deployed with either large or massive models, up to three craft. This applies to all large or massive models – more on this later.  These large or massive models are the “parent” model of the squadron and all craft are activated at the same time.  This means they all move, shoot and assault together.  Escorts are purchased as Small models but don’t contribute to the percentage maximums of the Small category range.

Escorts have a high speed value, normally 10-12 inches each activation; allowing them to easily keep pace with their larger parent vessel and even gain or lose distance during the activation – even changing from one side to another.  There is a danger with this though, sometimes you need to turn your parent ship and if you’re not careful your escorts will collide.  A 2 hull point escort versus an 8-10 hull point battleship really is a one sided collision.

In a Dystopian Wars game, you can link the fire of a single turret or single vessel with another turret/vessel in the same squadron (unless the squad is broken of course).  Linking fire halves the number of Attack Dice for the second and each subsequent weapon – Escorts and their parent vessel instead Combine Fire, meaning they don’t halve their Attack Dice when using Auxiliary weapons.

This means a Battleship with an AA (Ack-Ack) of 8, in a squadron with 3 escorts each having AA of 2, will have 14 dice to roll against Rockets, attacks from Flying models or Assaulting marines.  This works similar to attacks from Torpedoes, swapping AA for CC (Concussion Charges).


So how do you get rid of these helpful, little ships?  A good tactic to use is to send in a squadron of Frigates to attack the escorts, using Gunnery Ordnance (IE turrets, broadsides etc.).  Your frigates will most likely be destroyed by the parent vessel but if they can remove the protecting escorts then they have done their job.

Don’t try to rely on your attack ship(s) rockets or torpedoes to destroy escorts as their parent vessel also protects them if they’re fired upon by this type of gunnery.

Another advantage of Escorts, away from the game board, is their price.  After buying your naval starter set you only need to buy one blister of Escort models and immediately you have double the number of models you need.

You can also do some interesting things with Escorts.  The first is, to provide greater protection from air attacks, combine a parent model with escorts and a CAP (Combat Air Patrol).  In this configuration you would not only gain the combined fire of all ships but also a squadron of tiny flyers as additional defense.

While escorts are great for naval vessels, what about flying or land craft?  Even though models are starting to appear for flying and land craft, your Naval escorts can do the job just as well.

As mentioned previously, Escorts are attached to large or massive models.  Land Ships or the larger Sky Fortresses can have escorts attached to them, so long as the escorts remain within six inches of the parent model.  Obviously a problem if a Sky Fortress decides to fly over land or a Land Ship moves away from the coast. Be careful though, if you don’t measure your movement correctly you may end up with your escorts colliding with terrain.


I hope this article has convinced you about the value of these small but handy craft.  Questions or comments are welcome.

Good gaming and watch out for those exploding dice.

Peter (Romerous)