Firestorm: Taskforce

I got a copy of the Terran vs Dindrenzi starter set of Taskforce recently, and have managed to clean and put together the ships (which are rather nice).

Here are some snaps:

Photo 20-03-2016, 9 25 16 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 9 25 20 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 47 09 PM

The ships come with pre-cast holes for 2mm magnets, but I drilled them out a little and used 3mm magnets.

Photo 20-03-2016, 11 39 06 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 38 19 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 38 32 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 40 06 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 40 48 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 41 28 PM


The models are very nice, and I’m looking forward to getting them to the table!





Enter the Danger Zone!


The Terran Alliance – the bastion of decent and law abiding citizens in the Firestorm Universe – now have their second Aerial helix in the form of interceptors.

Today’s unboxing video opens the Aerial Interceptor Helix for the Terran Alliance.

Players of Firestorm Armada will notice they are almost direct copies of the SRS tokens found in that game (in fact, I’ve included pictures of those tokens with the models in the video).

Hope you enjoy the video.

Death From Above (Very Far Above)


Since the Secession Wars, Terran ground forces have witnessed a lot of offensive reclamation of former Alliance-held positions, and Charter Enforcement Brigades (CEBs) are fitted with the most modern equipment available, developed closely with Hawker Industries, and adapting existing Terran design philosophies to the demands of modern orbital-drop combat.

The Solar Class Carrier


Horizon Class Assault Cruiser

IMG_0970 IMG_0968

Nadir Class Frigates


Large & Small SRS Tokens


Terrain Alliance – Charter Enforcement Fleet


Planetfall: The Terran Alliance


The Terran Alliance as the greatest interstellar Human nation, a fact which the Dindrenzi Federation longs to change.  Yet even as the forces of the Zenian League batter against its borders, the Alliance endures… and grows stronger.

Readers of the Facebook page would know I’ve been painting my Terrans for Planetfall.  Not just a single helix but half a core, aerial and heavy helix.  The 8 sessions of 2 hours each were tough but brutal (much like a game of Planetfall) but the work got done.

As promised, here are pictures of the finished models.



The Vidar Heavy Tank – armed with linked M205 Magellan Cannon and Hammerstrike Missiles. It is the Command Element of the Terran Core Helix.


Heimdal Medium Tanks – armed with M127 Drake Cannons.  Long range is a maximum of 20 inches.


Ullr Mark 1 and Mark 2 tanks.  The Mark 1 is an Anti-Aircraft tank and is deployed in squadrons on 2.  The Mark 2 is a Shield Generator that attaches to Armoured Squadrons.


The Valkyrie is a light tank with the ability to make a special recon move before the game and take and hold objectives.


The Sinir is a Medium APC Tank.  It is unarmed but capable of carrying up to 9 bases of infantry into battle.


Terran Alliance infantry bases can be fielded with option extras like an Officer base, Breacher Teams & Gun Teams.  Gun Teams are armed with Raptor Grenade Launchers while Breacher teams increase their DR from 3 to 5.



The Sheriff Heavy Gunship is (currently) the only Terran vehicle in the game with a Nexus Designator.  The Nexus Designator allows artillery strikes onto the battle.


Rushing across the skies, the Guardsman Heavy Attack fighters can move 30 inches and still engage ground targets (hitting on 5’s instead of 4’s of course)


IMG_0444The Tyr Heavy Support Tank mounts a Dual G-72 Legacy Laser.  This monstrous weapon is also found on the Terran Leviathans.


The Baldr Tank Destroyers can fire their G-38 Heritage Lasers over 40 inches with 5 AD or effective range at 20 inches with 6 AD.  Three of them in a squadron with a Ullr Mark 2 makes a deadly little squadron.

Planetfall is fast becoming my favourite game – I suggest everyone gives it a go – you won’t be disappointed, either by the game play or the models.