We have a winner

We have a WINNER!
2 Months ago we started the first Dystopian Legions Painting Competition and we had 3 man who joined the competition with their awesome painted platoons. 1 Month ago the voting started and I want to thank everyone who voted because we had a lot of people who brought out their vote on their favourite.

So now all my talking (well actually typing) is over I will present the winner…..Congratulations PAUL! Your platoon was voted as the best painted one so you are the winner of the first Dystopian Legions Painting Competition. Your prize will be send to you by mail.

KoB 1st Pltn 1st Section

I want to thank Jon, Paul & Todd for joining the competition and I hope you guys and other painters will join again in the next competition. Keep on the good painting work everyone and see you next time.

Kind Regards,


Voting for Legions

Hello everyone,

After one month of painting we have three contestants who submitted pictures of their platoons to me. The three contestants are: Todd, Paul and Jon. The pictures of their platoons are visible below. One picture is shown here and the others are available via the link provided under it.

Todd’s Platoon
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/texufx4trrqvc4d/AAD9upq2EnBVXSe-KQTLD4nHa?dl=0Todd 4

Paul’s Platoon
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xreexvll0poqjzx/AABxRalYae2qx4CUst_dOIWDa?dl=0KoB 1st Pltn 1st Section

Jon’s Platoon
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qrkzfvawqnibwlq/AADIPoMQf3Zi0ImeobpGySzna?dl=0Jon 2

Here below you will find the poll where you can vote on your favourite platoon, the voting will end on 31 December and in the first week of January the winner will be announced.

Thank you for voting and thank you Todd, Paul and Jon for submitting your platoons.

Kind regards,

Painting Contest – WE HAVE A WINNER!

And we really do! I promise! đŸ˜€

It’s been a while in the making, so time to announce the winner of the painting competition… You’ll have to supply your own drum rolls though, as they were cut due to budget considerations. I’m blaming Giles… đŸ˜›

And the winner is:

Charles Yang’s Covenant of Antarctica with 35 votes!


And more of our winners fleet: Linky-link

Congratulation Charles on that very pretty and very steampunk looking fleet!

But lets not forget, without our other competitors (and their wonderful work) we would not have a competition. And they also actually managed to get their fleets painted in time, unlike myself… For that, I applaud them!

Because they all looked so good, I have once again linked them below for people to appreciate.

James’ Covenant

Luke’s EotBS

Robert’s EotBS

Again, thank you everyone that entered, and apologies for the massive delays… It has been an interesting few months of my Real Life.

And Charles, we shall be stalking you via email regarding your loot… You’ve been warned… đŸ™‚