Episode 17 – Full Armour!


In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese are joined by special guests Neil Fawcett and Derek Sinclair to talk about the Armoured theatre in Dystopian Wars.

We talk tanks, templates and tactics in this episode, and as well as covering how the land game has changed, we also look at how it’s different from the Naval game, and some things to keep an eye open for in the future.

We apologise for the sound quality at times, Skype is a fickle mistress, but we hope what we have is reasonable enough to enjoy!  I must also apologise for the lateness of the episode, while it’s been gathering digital dust on my harddrive, I’ve had work and other business to attend to – my apologies!


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Element 270, Episode 6 – This is SPARTAN!!!

Welcome to episode 6 of the Element 270 Podcast.


In this episode (the first of a series of interviews leading into the launch of Dystopian Wars 2.0) we are joined by a very special guest to talk about Spartan Games. We discuss where Spartan came from, Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, campaign systems, a role playing game and all sorts of future goodness.


Stay tuned for the outtakes!


We hope you enjoy!



Podcast now available through YouTube


To make it easier for everyone to enjoy our podcast, it is now available on Youtube.

This is episode 0 – where we talk about ourselves, a brief overview of the hobby and other things.

Further episodes will be uploaded over the next few weeks so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel so your notified when each episode drops.

Till then – watch out for those exploding 6’s.

Episode 3 is up! Fleet Review Part 1

Episode 3 of the Element 270 podcast – Fleet Review…

Episode 3 – Fleet Review Part 1

In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese talk about the holidays, cover the news, including the releases of the Eclipse Company and Objectives sets, complete part one of our fleet review and answer some listener questions.


In Part 1 of our fleet review we briefly cover the 7 main fleets of Dystopian Wars, including play style, tactics and a short discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of each fleet.  In the fleet review we raise the issue of new and old rules – there are many fleet guides now available for download from the Spartan Downloads page: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads  Including the updates booklets for the Russian Coalition, the Republique of France and the Covenant of Antarctica.


We also discuss some listener questions, including where to find some extras for Dystopian Wars – http://www.litko.net/ and http://corseceng.com/ and of course – Spartan Games –


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Question for listeners: Does Giles use the word ‘fantastic’ or ‘brilliant’ more often… the jury is out!


Find our Hot Topic here: https://element270.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/hot-topic-for-episode-3/

Questions for the Element 270 Podcast…

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Hear Ye! Episode 0 has dropped!

Episode 0 of the Element 270 podcast is up!

Welcome to Episode 0 of the Element 270 podcast.  A podcast dedicated to Dystopian Wars, by Spartan Games.  We’ll, be talking about Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Armoured Clash, news, reviews, questions and rumours.

In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese introduce themselves, the blog site www.element270.wordpress.com and our podcast!

We hope you enjoy!

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