Nation Books for Dystopian Wars

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In Episode 23 of the Element 270 podcast Neil mentioned that Spartan Games will be producing 10 PDFs, 7 for the Core Nations, and 1 each for the Grand Coalition Allies, Imperial Bond Allies and Mercenaries.  He also said that as the Allied Nations grow in stature, they may well be spun out into their own booklets.

In each book you can expect to find rules, fluff, art, and the stats for all the Dystopian Wars models.  Neil was interested in hearing from customers about whether they would like to also see the Dystopian Legions stats in those booklets alongside the Dystopian Wars ones…

So… what do you think?

7 thoughts on “Nation Books for Dystopian Wars

  1. That’s a good question… Is Spartan going to be keeping these PDFs free on their Downloads Resource page or would we be purchasing them from the online store and downloading them as ebooks?

    If they’re free I don’t really see any problem with them being bundled together. It would just take a little bit to get used to going to the correct pages. If this helps them provide fluff for a greater variety of the units even if a person has no interest in one of the two game systems the background of how the rest of the armed forces operates would give interesting insight as to how the nations work.

    If they will be purchased, then I wouldn’t want to have to pay extra money to have a large chunk of the PDF devoted to a system that I don’t care about… It wouldn’t be nearly as bad as if they were physical books because the printing and shipping would make them much more substantial.

  2. I voted Keep them together but really I should have gone with other. Upon reflection I think these books should be fluff focused with pictures of all of the models for dw and dl, packed with narrative hooks, short stories, campaign and scenario information. The stats themselves should be in pdf always. The book loses validity the second Spartan brings out a new model that isn’t in the book and I will have to deal with a PDF off the bat. That said I think that all 3 books could be combined into one great tome that would keep its relevance no matter what happens when the game is re-balanced or new models are added in the years to come.

  3. Jeah Andy absolutely!
    Please keep all the stats, DW and DL, out of the book and keep it a Fluff Only book!
    With all the units from DW and DL and some backgroundstories 🙂
    Statbooks are always outdated from the day they are released.

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