The First Dystopian Legions Painting Competition

Helllo everyone,

First off I want to introduce myself, my name is Lorenzo Salden, also known as Projectmanhatten5 on the Spartan Games Community and today I’m proud to announce the first Dystopian Legions painting competition! Together with Spartan Games and Giles, we have set up this competition and we are looking forward to a lot of painted forces from you guys. The competition already started and you are now allowed to send in pictures from your Dystopian Legions force. Pictures can be send to me via my mail ( or via Facebook ( with the subject: Dystopian Legions Painting Competition. You can send in pictures until 1 December 2015.

After that the pictures will be uploaded and people can vote on the force they like the most. The voting will end on 31 December 2015 and the winner will be announced before the 10th of January and the prize will be send to the winner that same day. The prize is a 15 pound gift certificate for the Spartan Games Online store with an expiration date of 31 January 2016. The start of the voting will be announced on the Community and on the Element270 Facebook page.

The rule summary:
*Your painted force must at least contain 1 painted officer and 1 painted Line Section, you are allowed to add more sections to a maximum of 1 full platoon diagram (diagram can be found here: http://www.spartanga…oon-Diagram.pdf),Judging will be done on the quality of the painted miniatures, not the quantity of the miniatures.
*Pictures can be send to me until 1 December with a maximum of 5 pictures per person.
*You don’t have to start painting a new force, if you already have a painted force you can use them.
*There is no max size for the pictures but keep it normal (I don’t want poster size pictures :P)
*You force can posse in a background, scenery etc, but keep in mind that the voting is about the painting quality not the diorama you make with it.
*Composite pictures are allowed but with the following notification: you can send in 1-2 picture that is composite of your full force with some close ups, I allow it but don’t send in 5 pictures with 5 close ups each because that gives you more pictures in total and it won’t make it much easier for the voting.

If there are any questions about the competition don’t hesitate to ask them via a mail, Facebook, PM on the Community, post on the Community or as a reaction down below. The link to the community post is here for people who wane view that. Have fun painting everyone and I’m looking forward to see all your amazing forces.

Kind Regards,


Painting Challenge Progress – Giles

Reese put together the idea of the Painting Challenge, and naturally if we were asking people to throw their hat into the ring, we would need to step up and do the same.  So without hesitation, here is the first part of my challenge…

These are the first part of my painting challenge.  The Empire of the Blazing Sun naval models from the Shadow Hunters boxed set, and one of the older land boxes.

These are the first part of my painting challenge. The Empire of the Blazing Sun naval models from the Shadow Hunters boxed set, and one of the older land boxes.

I made a rookie error with these, I used an untested (by me) primer.  I discovered, much to my displeasure later that night, that my acrylic paints weren’t taking to the models at all.  Bugger!  I resprayed with an Army Painter Matte Varnish in the hope this would give something for the paint to grip.  Thankfully it did the trick wonderfully, and I had no problems thenceforth.

EotBS Smalls

The first leg of the painting challenge was the smalls – I was going with a relatively simple scheme.

Photo 3-07-2014 1 24 07 pm Photo 3-07-2014 1 23 47 pm Photo 3-07-2014 1 23 15 pm

Photo 3-07-2014 1 22 21 pmPhoto 3-07-2014 1 22 04 pmPhoto 3-07-2014 1 21 46 pmVery happy to have the smalls done, that’s one step in the right direction!  The scheme is simple, but I think, after a shaky start, that they’ve come up ok.

Now – onto the Cruisers…