Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action

From the Spartan Games Site:


A Prussian empire strike force is heading for Iceland, its mission a simple one: at all costs discover what the Covenant of Antarctica is up to on the frozen wastelands of this small island. This exciting boxed is the first to feature the new Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action fast play rules and the box contents include an array of CoA and Prussian naval models, scenery, rules, dice and tokens.



From the newsletter:


The Fleet Action rules are quicker to play than the core rules, but use the same highly detailed models that Dystopian Wars is renowned for.  Order the new rules for a fast play game with your existing models but also make sure you take a look at The Battle For Iceland, a new two player box set using two of the most popular nations in the product line – the Prussian Empire and Covenant of Antarctica.
The Battle for Iceland 2 player box set contains
  • Fleet Action Fast Play Rulebook

  • Statistics & Template Sheets

  • Acrylic Tokens

  • Dice

  • 11 Prussian Empire Models

  • 10 Covenant of Antarctica Models

  • Highly Detailed Scenery