Questions for the Element 270 Podcast…

If you have any questions, ideas, opinions or topics you’d like to hear discussed in an upcoming episode of Element 270, please post them as a comment below…

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2 thoughts on “Questions for the Element 270 Podcast…

  1. Hi there from the other side of the world, đŸ™‚

    I wanted to let you guys know, that I love your podcast please keep on the good work. Also I would like to point out two topic ideas. Here are my ideas:

    1) Discussion which faction combination and lists are best suited for naval based demo games. You know these games to attract new players to the game. I think these are very important and I would like to start giving demos in the tabletop clubs around my city.
    I would think of CoA vs. Prussian Empire, because the demo giver (CoA player) can show some game mechanics especially the firing rules and in the end the new player can most likely successfully board some CoA ships to win his introductionary demo game. What do you think? Which lists suits this best? Which rules should be left out? I think tiny flyers should be left out these games.

    2) I have noticed that my local tabletop store has a decreasing amount of dystopian wars blisters. Instead the number of Dystopian Wars boxes increase. A good discussion start could be are these boxes of better value to the players? Are they Spartan’s fix against strange unit numbers in there blisters? Or is it just a price increase in disguise? Does the majority of players really want to buy each squadron at once on it’s maximum number of units?

    Regards teQuilamaN

  2. Hi there!

    I’d like to say that I enjoy your show immensly, your friendly chatter has kept me company on many rainy evenings whilst walking my dog.

    I really like that you’ve expanded the show to include all of Spartans’s games, even though I only play DW.

    Something that would be interesting would be faction rundowns (in depth) for various factions for all SG’s games by people that actually play them. It’d be interesting to hear how people perceive their own factions, favoured and unfavoured match-ups, list design, best/worst in faction, general tactics and goals in-game and such.

    Anyways, thanks for a great show!

    /Micke Peterson, Sweden

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