QuickCalc Numbers (iPad/iPhone) version


Hi everyone, a while ago I mentioned about doing a QuickCalc version for the Apple iPad/iPhone app, Numbers.

Here is what I have come up with so far. It’s only for the Grand Coalition and contains FSA, KOB and RC.

Hoping to get some feedback before I move forward with an Imperial Bond version.

To install the file you need to a) download it from the Element270 Facebook page (because I can’t upload a zip file to WordPress for some reason) and unzip it, b) using iTunes put it onto your iPad or iPhone (in the Apps section), then c) open Numbers and use the “+” button and select Copy from iTunes.

As it is a template, you’ll need to hit Add when it asks if you wish to add it to the Template Chooser.

It should now appear in your My Templates area. Sounds a little long winded but I’m not sure how to make it any easier.

Anyway – enjoy


Dystopian Wars QuickCalc Spreadsheet V3.5


Hi Everyone

I have finally completed the ver3.5 QuickCalc Spreadsheet for Dystopian Wars 2.0

This update includes all the changes to the 7 core nations and the new Alliance Nations released on the 20th of June.

This version (DW Quick Calc 3.5 (Excel 97-2004)) will suit versions of Excel from 97 to 2004.  A 2010 version won’t upload to the Blog site for some reason so I have put it on the Facebook page instead. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/element270/)

There is one error in it for the Royal Australian’s (you can’t take the Sharpshooters MAR upgrade on their Frigates) which I will correct in the next version.

Please let me know if you find any bugs or errors.

Hope you enjoy using QuickCalc and watch out for those Exploding (RED) 6’s.

QuickCalc 3.4 for Dystopian Wars 2.0 now available


Announcing QuickCalc 3.4 for Dystopian Wars 2.0 This new version includes the stats for the 7 core nations as updated by Spartan Games.

The Alliance nations will be added to the next version once their stats have been published.

V3.4 allows you to quickly create a roster in conjunction with the available PDFs. Just select your faction, show the sections you need to use and start filling in the fields. While some “smarts” are included in the spreadsheet, you will need to check the final set up prior to using your force in a game to ensure it is legal.

I hope you enjoy using the QuickCalc spreadsheet; please let me know if there are any errors or bugs and suggestions are always welcome.  Please email me at element270podcast@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

DW Quick Calc 3.4 (Excel 97-2004)

QuickCalc Spreadsheet 3.4 for Dystopian Wars Incoming


Just an update on the progress of the latest QuickCalc spreadsheet.

I’m working through the 7 core nations that were made available last week. The next version (3.4) will include only the 7 core nations so if you are using the Alliance nations, continue to use version 3.3 in the downloads section. Once the Alliance Nations PDFs are available, version 3.5 will include them.

Ver 3.4 will be a new with some added features that assist in roster calculations for 2.0 including advising the TAC cards you use with your list and monitoring points values for Core and Non-core forces.

Thanks to everyone who is using the QuickCalc spreadsheet and I am always happy to receive any suggestions or comments to make it better.