EOBS Dreadnought Battle Robot Unboxing


Created in the hidden forges of the Yani using their own mix of alchemy and technology, the plans for the massive Ayakashi Dreadnought Battle Robot were presented to the Empress at the end of 1871 and rushed into production.

In my latest unboxing video, I crack open one of the latest Dystopian Wars box sets – the Ayakashi Dreadnought Battle Robot.  Hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned towards the end for the outtakes.


Enter the Danger Zone!


The Terran Alliance – the bastion of decent and law abiding citizens in the Firestorm Universe – now have their second Aerial helix in the form of interceptors.

Today’s unboxing video opens the Aerial Interceptor Helix for the Terran Alliance.

Players of Firestorm Armada will notice they are almost direct copies of the SRS tokens found in that game (in fact, I’ve included pictures of those tokens with the models in the video).

Hope you enjoy the video.

Unboxing Halo Fleet Battles

In the beginning, Bill created Microsoft – then Microsoft created X-Box – then X-Box created Halo – and now Halo has become Halo Fleet Battles.

Welcome to my latest unboxing video as I break open the massive release of Halo Fleet Battles from Spartan Games. For this video I’ve brought along a special guest, my youngest son and the families biggest Halo fan.

Unboxing the Aquan Leviathan Helix


Aquan’s are a race known for being sleek and fast and their Leviathan is no different. In my latest unboxing I carefully open and reveal the contents of this latest boxed set from Spartan Games.

Why carefully? Suffice to say it doesn’t belong to me…the answers are in the video.

Unboxing the Aquan Prime Core Helix for Planetfall


With Special Guest! I know I said that I probably wouldn’t unbox anything but the Terrans for Planetfall but my special guest has decided to get in on the act.

The Aquan Sebrutan – or ‘Union’ – is one of the oldest interstellar powers. Composed of many different sentient aquatic lifeforms spread over a thousand water worlds, the Sebrutan has a naive and enlightened view on life that has received an unfortunate shock in the outbreak of the greatest war it has ever faced.

In this video we crack open the Core Helix box for the Aquans and see what is on offer.

Unboxing the Hawker Industries Aerial Helix


They may not be Terrans (cause Terrans are cool) but the Hawker Industries Aerial Helix comes a very close second.

Check out this unboxing of one of the latest helixes for the Firestorm Planetfall game.

I also challenge anyone not to look at the fighter jets and think about that old Clint Eastwood movie – Firefox!

Unboxing the Terran Core Helix for Planetfall


Terran’s are my favourite faction in Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall – so it will be no surprise to everyone that I received the Terran Core Helix recently and did an unboxing video.

The box it self only contains the minimum for the Terran Core Helix, which means you will have to buy 2 boxes to field a decent number of points.

The models are fantastic, both in quality and value for money.  I can’t wait to get them painted and played.