Firestorm: Taskforce

I got a copy of the Terran vs Dindrenzi starter set of Taskforce recently, and have managed to clean and put together the ships (which are rather nice).

Here are some snaps:

Photo 20-03-2016, 9 25 16 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 9 25 20 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 47 09 PM

The ships come with pre-cast holes for 2mm magnets, but I drilled them out a little and used 3mm magnets.

Photo 20-03-2016, 11 39 06 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 38 19 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 38 32 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 40 06 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 40 48 PMPhoto 20-03-2016, 11 41 28 PM


The models are very nice, and I’m looking forward to getting them to the table!





Episode 36 – Planetary Alignment!




In this episode Giles, Reese and Peter join forces on the microphone once again to discuss various news from Spartan, what we’ve been doing in the hobby, and the mighty Prussians!

This episodes rounds out our look at the revisions to the core 6 ORBATs with a focus on the Prussian Empire for Dystopian Wars!

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Firestorm Taskforce…

Spartan has announced the arrival of a fast playing rules set that compliments Firestorm Armada. This new rules set is being launched with three starter sets, each containing two fleets, but each is also available individually as a Reinforcement Set (see below).

Spartan released a primer on what we can expect from Taskforce, and I for one am excited by the idea of a quick playing ‘skirmish’ style space battles game that uses the same models as Firestorm Armada, as when I have the time I’ll also be able to jump in and enjoy the full flavour and strategies afforded by the excellent Firestorm Armada.

The ships are absolutely gorgeous, and very modular in design, even going so far as to include holes specially made for 2mm magnets for those who want to magnetise their fleet for the fullest level of customisation.

Taskforce looks a phenomenal new addition to the Firestorm stable of games, with the ability (hopefully) to link to Planetfall, to be expanded to the fuller experience of Firestorm Armada, and generally as a quick throw down for those short on time, I for one, cannot wait!



Preorders made prior to January 25th will also get the objective set pictured above.


You can see from the above photo just how customisable the new cruisers are, with a chassis, body and various drop ons – all with holes for 2mm magnets. Just wonderful design both aesthetically and functionally.


Each nation is also available as a reinforcement set like this Dindrenzi one – great for players of Firestorm who have established fleets and aren’t interested in playing the new Taskforce game.

New Planetfall and Firestorm models…

In the latest Spartan releases there are a bunch of Ground Attack Helices for Planetfall, and some boxes that flesh out the Terquai and the Xelocians…

PFAP07-2 PFDF07-2 PFSC07-2 PFTA07-2 PFTD07-2 PFTR07-2

FAAT22-2 FAAT23-2 FAAT24-2 FAAT25-2 FAAT26-2

The push to extend the range of fully playable races in Firestorm continues apace. The extension of the range of Helices available to Planetfall players is similarly deepened, I can’t wait to see their stats!

Death From Above (Very Far Above)


Since the Secession Wars, Terran ground forces have witnessed a lot of offensive reclamation of former Alliance-held positions, and Charter Enforcement Brigades (CEBs) are fitted with the most modern equipment available, developed closely with Hawker Industries, and adapting existing Terran design philosophies to the demands of modern orbital-drop combat.

The Solar Class Carrier


Horizon Class Assault Cruiser

IMG_0970 IMG_0968

Nadir Class Frigates


Large & Small SRS Tokens


Terrain Alliance – Charter Enforcement Fleet


That’s No Moon….Its a Space Station!


Mass produced in the days of the old Terran Satellite Charter, the Palisade Battle Station has undergone many upgrades since the onset of the aggressive Fenian incursions into the Storm Zone.  Arrayed with masses of coil drivers and atomic-powered lasers, set behind layers of powerful shields, Palisades defend critical points across Alliance space.

IMG_0944 IMG_0946

Palisades are commonly supported by a Squadron of three battle-hardened Bailey Orbital Hangars, each housing dozens of small craft that can lead attacks runs on approaching enemies, provide a defensive umbrella of torpedo fire or be packed with assault marines. Their versatility, ease of manufacture and robustness has led them to be deployed wherever valuable assets might be preyed upon.


Colours Used:

  • Black Undercoat
  • Drybrush P3 Ironhull Grey
  • Vallejo Gunmetal Blue
  • GW Necron Abyss
  • GW The Fang
  • Highlights – Vallejo Sky Blue

Episode 27 – Recent Releases!


In this episode of Element 270 Giles and Peter take a look at the most recent releases and announcements for Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall and Halo…

We also mention the Spartan Survey

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Firestorm Armada: Return of the Overseers

The new boxed set for Firestorm has been announced in Spartan’s latest newsletter!


When the leaders of the Aquan Prime heard of the assault of Proteus Prime by Directorate forces they were gripped with fear. The ancient texts told of a great danger hidden in the planet, and ancient force that could destroy the entire galaxy.

In response the latest fleet of Aquan starships was sent to intercept and destroy the Directorate fleet orbiting the planet. An epic battle is taking place above the planet of Proteus Prime – so gather your forces Commanders it is time for war!


Aquan Prime: 1 Oannes Class Heavy Carrier, 2 Sulis Class Cruisers (right), 2 Shiva Class Gunships (left), 4 Chimaera Class Frigates, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens


The Directorate: 1 Anarchist Class Battleship, 2 Turmoil Class R&D Cruisers (left), 2 Annihilation Class Gunships (right), 4 Liquidator Class Frigates, 2 Large SRS Tokens and 2 Small SRS Tokens


This large Dimensional Gate is of an unknown alien design. It’s included in the box set, along with 1 2.0 Rulebook, 3 Token & Template Sheets, 2 Asteroid Sheets, 2 Fast Play Sheets, 2 Tactical Action Card Decks, 24 Dice and 1 Mission Booklet

Dimensional Gates, Aliens, new stuff for the Aquans and Directorate, a story that flows from the Planetfall book… wow!  I am loving the narrative style of releases that Spartan are doing, really fun.

December Releases available for Pre-Order from Spartan Games

The latest Newsletter from Spartan Games has hit my Inbox. There are releases for almost everyone – Planetfall, Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions and Firestorm Armada. So I guess if your an Uncharted Seas player – then your out of luck.


To start with we have Firestorm Planetfall – Core Helix releases for the Dindrenzi, Sorylians, Relthoza and my personal favourites TERRANS! There is also two new Allied Helixes – the Ba’Kash and Hawker Industries.  Finally there is a Commanders Pack – allowing you to get the Rulebook and other goodies.









Firestorm Armada also gets new Battlestations for each of the core factions.






On the back of the Dystopian Legions V2 release comes the Infantry sections to bulk out the models from Iron Scorpion.  The Covenant get their Commandos and Automata while France has their Legionaries and Armoured Marines.

An Officer Pack is also available with the Core Rulebook, templates and counters.



Last but not least the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth now get a Naval force (skimming one anyway) and an Armoured Force.

DWAL28HIDDEN-2 DWAL29HIDDEN-2What a massive month December is going to be!  Hopefully you’ve all been good and Santa will drop some of these under the tree.

Of course if you haven’t been good you can always Pre-Order them ( now for 10th of December shipping.  Now where did I put that spare Kidney I was keeping for old age??????



Episode 18 – Firestorm Armada!


In this episode Giles, Peter and Reese take a break from our normal topics of discussion to talk about Firestorm Armada!


This epic space battle game finally gets the treatment it never asked for, as three players relatively new to the game try and pull it apart to see how it ticks.


Spoiler alert – we enjoy it a lot!


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