Unboxing Halo Fleet Battles

In the beginning, Bill created Microsoft – then Microsoft created X-Box – then X-Box created Halo – and now Halo has become Halo Fleet Battles.

Welcome to my latest unboxing video as I break open the massive release of Halo Fleet Battles from Spartan Games. For this video I’ve brought along a special guest, my youngest son and the families biggest Halo fan.


Unboxing Firestorm Planetfall: Battle for Proteus Prime


Spartan Games latest and biggest release of 2014 is finally here.  Firestorm: Planetfall is here an you have a front row seat to the unboxing.

Stay tuned for 2 more unboxing videos over the next few days – the Works Raptor Helix and Scenery Box One.

Unboxing the Iron Scorpion


Iron Scorpion – the new 2 player battle box for Dystopian Legions has been released.  It is Spartan Games’ second biggest release of 2014 is upon us and it is fantastic.

41 Pewter models, Rulebook, Campaign book, dice, templates and a MDF ruined building – the 2 player set is great value for money; but don’t take my word for it, instead sit back and enjoy the Iron Scorpion Unboxing video below.