Planetfall Unboxings


Alistair Currie of the Brisbane City Crusaders Facebook page has been kind enough to provide pictures of some of the Planetfall Helixes just as he cracked them open.

As a Terran player I can’t support his radical and obviously misguided association with this force but I am nothing but fair (if I do say so myself) 🙂

First up, the Rense System Navy Allied Assault Helix

Next the Dindrenzi Federation Aerial Interceptor Helix (Boo..Hiss…)

and finally the Dindrenzi Federation Recon Assault Helix


Why someone would willingly assist these corrupt forces is beyond me but I’m not a judging person.

Hopefully Alistair will bring some of these to the table this weekend.

If you have some unboxing pictures you’d like to post, please drop us an email or leave a post on the Element 270 Facebook page.


The Marina Militare


Una flotta quasi bella come è veloce.  La flotta italiana è che una miscela di tecnologia superiore e veloci navi.

For those of you that can’t speak Italian (yes that includes me), what I said about is “A fleet almost as beautiful as it is fast.  The Italian Fleet is a mixture of superior technology and fast ships.”

The biggest ship of the fleet is the Affondatore, Battle Carrier.

IMG_0143 IMG_0144

Next is the Mars Battleship.


The Gladius is a Light Cruiser with an MV of 10″


The Frigates are called Cinquedea; they have Elusive and Small Target MARs.


A Medium, Low Level Flyer is the Fortuna Torpedo Bomber.


The Fortuna’s larger cousin is the Hasta Heavy Bomber.


If your wanting to paint your Italian Fleet, here is the list of paints I used for the above models.

  • White undercoat
  • Decks – P3 Battlefield Brown
  • Hull all over – GW Deneb Stone
  • Hull all over – P3 Menroth White Base
  • Guns, Weapons & Scrollwork – P3 Brass Balls
  • Smoke Stacks – Vallejo German Grey
  • Model Wash – GW Agrax Earthshade
  • Cranes – GW Chainmail
  • Crane Wash – GW Nuln Oil
  • Lower Hull Panels – P3 Menroth White Highlight
  • Broadside Weapons – GW Nuln Oil
  • Scrollwork Highlight – P3 Rhulic Gold
  • End of Gun Barrel – GW Abaddon Black
  • Panel edges – GW Brown Ink
  • Windows – P3 Heartfire

SAW – GW Deneb Stone, P3 Menroth White Highlight, GW Agrax Earthshade, P3 Rucksack Tan, Second GW Agrax Earthshade on Wings, Vallejo Deep Sky Blue, P3 Cold Steel on edges with GW Nuln Oil

Squad Support – GW Deneb Stone, P3 Menroth White Highlight, GW Agrax Earthshade, Torpedoes Vallejo German Grey, Bridge P3 Battlefield Brown, P3 Ruhlic Gold Windscreen, Water P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight, Ripples Vallejo Deep Sky Blue, Water Secret Weapon Blue Wash, P3 Cold Steel on edges with GW Nuln Oil

EOBS Dreadnought Battle Robot Unboxing


Created in the hidden forges of the Yani using their own mix of alchemy and technology, the plans for the massive Ayakashi Dreadnought Battle Robot were presented to the Empress at the end of 1871 and rushed into production.

In my latest unboxing video, I crack open one of the latest Dystopian Wars box sets – the Ayakashi Dreadnought Battle Robot.  Hope you enjoy the video and stay tuned towards the end for the outtakes.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi! Oi! Ouch!


Earlier this week I posted some photos of my latest Dystopian Wars fleet, the mighty Australians.  Today I was lucky enough to get my first game with them.  To save time – no I didn’t win but I did have a lot of fun with this very powerful force.


The list that I took for the battle was:

Royal Australians

  • 2 x Cerberus Class Battleships (320 points)
  • 1 Squad of (2) Tasmania Tender Cruisers (150 points)
  • 3 Squads of (2) Victoria Class Cruisers (600 points)
  • 2 Squads of (3) Protector Class Frigates with Sharpshooters (180 points)
  • 2 x (5) SAWs of Local Air Support (0)
  • 8 x Crocodile Assault Submarines (0)
  • Total: 1250 points

I turned up for my game with Greg who informed me that he had run through almost the entire range of Dystopian miniatures and had finally decided to bring….. Australians!  However they were the uncouth and delinquent Free Australians – not like mine who are still loyal to the crown of England.

The real stand outs from the battle were the Victoria Class Cruisers – with their deadly Main Gun that rolls 13 dice in range band 2 with Devastating Munitions they were a battle turner.  I made it my mission to remove those from Greg’s list ASAP.

A magazine explosion in turn 2 removed one of my Victoria class cruisers, causing damage on its nearby squad mate but not destroying it – phew!

At turn 3 Greg’s Crocodile Assault Submarines reached one of my Battleships and after a ferocious boarding action, the Free Australia’s not only Prized my battleship but then enacted Forced Compliance, turning its Devastating weapons against my own fleet!

Greg claimed victory with his field order at the end of turn 3- 50% MFV and all SMALLS.  My field order was 50% MFV including the Commodores vessel. This I would of achieved in Turn 4 as my own Crocodiles were bearing down on his Commodore.

It was a great game with some amazing dice rolls, the dice gods favouring me in the early turns and Greg later on.

The Australian’s won’t be sitting idly on my shelf, thats for sure, they are a fleet with powerful weapons and a lot of character (but not a lot of options).  Until next time – fear those bloody mongrels from down under!

IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0017 IMG_0016 IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0013 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0021 IMG_0020

Enter the Danger Zone!


The Terran Alliance – the bastion of decent and law abiding citizens in the Firestorm Universe – now have their second Aerial helix in the form of interceptors.

Today’s unboxing video opens the Aerial Interceptor Helix for the Terran Alliance.

Players of Firestorm Armada will notice they are almost direct copies of the SRS tokens found in that game (in fact, I’ve included pictures of those tokens with the models in the video).

Hope you enjoy the video.

Lost in the Clouds


As everyone knows, Dystopian Wars can be played across all three theatres of war (Land, Sea and Air) but most of the time we tend to only do Land and Air or Sea and Air – what about purely Air?

For a long time I’ve been wanting to play a pure Air battle – a grand melee amongst the clouds.  A place for those magnificent men in their flying machines to prove who is the best.

Setup for the game was easy – we rolled for terrain as normal and placed clouds instead of islands (we actually used the punch out islands from the Operation Shadow Hunter box upside down – showing their blank white sides only).  As far as rules for the clouds, there was a suggestion we use the rules presented by the Weather Manipulation Generator for Clouds and Storms.  Instead we just went with the simple – any line of sight that passes through a cloud is partially blocked, regardless of height level.  Other than that, there were no other line of sight issues to worry about.


Having only three height levels to use (Flying, Obscured and Stratospheric) made a couple of models unusable.  Models that laid Surface Mines became little more than AA batteries. SAS, while they could still AA targets in all three levels, were restricted to Fighters since Dive Bombers can only target Surface and Submerged levels and Torpedo Bombers were even more useless.

My opponent and I also took advantage of the Obscured and Stratospheric levels (Stratospheric for those models that could) and not one model dropped into the Flying height level all game – taking advantage of the 5+ and 6+ to hit rolls.  Probably the most difficult part about that was the amount of damage inflicted was well below what you would expect to see in a normal Dystopian Wars game – unless you get lucky like I did and roll 19 successes!

It was a great chance to try something different, but in the end it did remind me that Dystopian Wars is a game enjoyed in all three theatres of war.


Death From Above (Very Far Above)


Since the Secession Wars, Terran ground forces have witnessed a lot of offensive reclamation of former Alliance-held positions, and Charter Enforcement Brigades (CEBs) are fitted with the most modern equipment available, developed closely with Hawker Industries, and adapting existing Terran design philosophies to the demands of modern orbital-drop combat.

The Solar Class Carrier


Horizon Class Assault Cruiser

IMG_0970 IMG_0968

Nadir Class Frigates


Large & Small SRS Tokens


Terrain Alliance – Charter Enforcement Fleet


Unboxing Halo Fleet Battles

In the beginning, Bill created Microsoft – then Microsoft created X-Box – then X-Box created Halo – and now Halo has become Halo Fleet Battles.

Welcome to my latest unboxing video as I break open the massive release of Halo Fleet Battles from Spartan Games. For this video I’ve brought along a special guest, my youngest son and the families biggest Halo fan.

That’s No Moon….Its a Space Station!


Mass produced in the days of the old Terran Satellite Charter, the Palisade Battle Station has undergone many upgrades since the onset of the aggressive Fenian incursions into the Storm Zone.  Arrayed with masses of coil drivers and atomic-powered lasers, set behind layers of powerful shields, Palisades defend critical points across Alliance space.

IMG_0944 IMG_0946

Palisades are commonly supported by a Squadron of three battle-hardened Bailey Orbital Hangars, each housing dozens of small craft that can lead attacks runs on approaching enemies, provide a defensive umbrella of torpedo fire or be packed with assault marines. Their versatility, ease of manufacture and robustness has led them to be deployed wherever valuable assets might be preyed upon.


Colours Used:

  • Black Undercoat
  • Drybrush P3 Ironhull Grey
  • Vallejo Gunmetal Blue
  • GW Necron Abyss
  • GW The Fang
  • Highlights – Vallejo Sky Blue

Going on a Hobby Holiday


A few months ago my wife decided to undergo a major surgical procedure; meaning she would have to give up work for around a month and I would have to play the role of Mum & Dad for that time.

Since I currently spend 4-5 nights a week painting and every second Saturday gaming I knew my hobby was about to become very hard to maintain.

After a 5 second tantrum (only kidding) I resigned myself to the fact. However something dawned on me as well – look at this as a Hobby Holiday!

So a little background before I ramble on – as I mentioned I paint around 4-5 nights a week (5 for sure if it is ratings season on the television and wife is occupied) for 2 to 2 ½ hours a night. Figure in I’ve been doing this for around 18 years and you get the broad picture. My nightly painting sessions had become a way of life and a pleasant wind down to end my day – but what it has also become is a factory; I seem to be more interested in completing models than making sure I have done my best. Yes, I have even had a painting schedule, which I didn’t stick to anyway.

I guess I got this way because there was always that new, shiny army that just came out and begged to be mine. There has always been more unpainted models sitting on the shelf than painted ones – damn those Kickstarters! For a point of reference, it was the year 2000 since I last ran out of models to paint.

Getting back to my original reason for writing this – I’m now on a Hobby Holiday and just like any other holiday I intended to do the following:


I guess with everything else going on relaxing won’t be high on this list but I can relax my tired painting eye and fingers. Do the math people – 18 years x 50 weeks (rough estimate) = 900 weeks and painting 4-5 days each of those weeks at 2 hours each day makes it sound very tiring. I feel exhausted just writing about it. So after this time I’m hoping to return to refreshed and ready to go.


For a few years now it has been one army after another (my need for competiveness not allowing me to work on different things), just moving from this completed force to the next. With this break I will be able to refocus and ask myself “do you really need to do an aerial unit for the Chinese Federation?” or “you’ve already got 2 armies for Planetfall – do you really need another?”


Anyone reading this not had a holiday in 18 years? Sometimes it did feel like my hobby had become a chore – another part of my life rather than a happy add on. Heading up to this time I was, truth to be told, looking forward to the time off – a good indication a holiday was required.


To be sure the dark side does not tempt me, I am actually packing away my painting set up. This action will ensure that I won’t giving in to any late night cravings. Out of Sight, Out of Mind – the best way to stop is to not have the tools ready in the first place. This will probably be the hardest part.


No, this is not reconnecting with my hobby but reconnecting with my family. I am very lucky to have a wife that understands and supports my hobby. What better way to repay her than return that support; and while my sons are fans of the hobby as well – maybe spending 30 minutes getting my ass kicked by them in Halo on the X-Box is better time spent than with a paintbrush in my hand.

They say a change is as good as a holiday – hopefully this change will be just that. Don’t think this is the beginning of the end, oh no I am looking very forward to destroying my eldest son’s Aquans in Planetfall and, probably, getting my ass handed to me by my youngest in Halo Fleet Wars.

If you feel like I do, and have a hobby timetable like mine I recommend taking a Hobby Holiday. Except for unpainted miniatures and un-played games – what have you got to lose? (and remember, you can’t lose if you don’t play J)

Before Shot


After Shot