Shepparton Miniature Gamers Dystopian Wars Event!


I mentioned back at the start of September that my local gaming group – the Shepparton Miniature Gamers, are running a Dystopian Wars tournament on the 10th and 11th of October. Many thanks go out to the Tournament Organiser Quinton – who has done a splendid job of arranging everything.

Well the time approaches swiftly, where the fleets of many a brave captain will do bloody battle for supremacy.

We have been extremely lucky to have had wonderful support from Spartan Games (many thanks), and have some wonderful prizes on offer!


All the prizes in all their glory! Thanks again to Spartan Games for their wonderful support!


Each of the prize winners will get a custom made trophy from Spartan.


All these boxes form the prize pool for winners, as well as…


The extremely rare, Bloody Rose of Krakow, something previously only available as a promotional item at Salute a few years ago! (there are 5 – one for each winner!)


Each trophy has a stand – and they look very nifty!

So thanks again Spartan for your wonderful support, and anyone out there who was on the fence about coming along – hesitate no longer! There are still some places left and we’d love to have as many players come along as possible! If you are interested, check out the event page on Facebook, here.


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