Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi! Oi! Ouch!


Earlier this week I posted some photos of my latest Dystopian Wars fleet, the mighty Australians.  Today I was lucky enough to get my first game with them.  To save time – no I didn’t win but I did have a lot of fun with this very powerful force.


The list that I took for the battle was:

Royal Australians

  • 2 x Cerberus Class Battleships (320 points)
  • 1 Squad of (2) Tasmania Tender Cruisers (150 points)
  • 3 Squads of (2) Victoria Class Cruisers (600 points)
  • 2 Squads of (3) Protector Class Frigates with Sharpshooters (180 points)
  • 2 x (5) SAWs of Local Air Support (0)
  • 8 x Crocodile Assault Submarines (0)
  • Total: 1250 points

I turned up for my game with Greg who informed me that he had run through almost the entire range of Dystopian miniatures and had finally decided to bring….. Australians!  However they were the uncouth and delinquent Free Australians – not like mine who are still loyal to the crown of England.

The real stand outs from the battle were the Victoria Class Cruisers – with their deadly Main Gun that rolls 13 dice in range band 2 with Devastating Munitions they were a battle turner.  I made it my mission to remove those from Greg’s list ASAP.

A magazine explosion in turn 2 removed one of my Victoria class cruisers, causing damage on its nearby squad mate but not destroying it – phew!

At turn 3 Greg’s Crocodile Assault Submarines reached one of my Battleships and after a ferocious boarding action, the Free Australia’s not only Prized my battleship but then enacted Forced Compliance, turning its Devastating weapons against my own fleet!

Greg claimed victory with his field order at the end of turn 3- 50% MFV and all SMALLS.  My field order was 50% MFV including the Commodores vessel. This I would of achieved in Turn 4 as my own Crocodiles were bearing down on his Commodore.

It was a great game with some amazing dice rolls, the dice gods favouring me in the early turns and Greg later on.

The Australian’s won’t be sitting idly on my shelf, thats for sure, they are a fleet with powerful weapons and a lot of character (but not a lot of options).  Until next time – fear those bloody mongrels from down under!

IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0017 IMG_0016 IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0013 IMG_0011 IMG_0010 IMG_0021 IMG_0020

2 thoughts on “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie – Oi! Oi! Ouch!

  1. For the record, my force was:

    – Bounty Battleship + 2 Protector Escorts
    – 2 Sirius Sub Tenders
    – 2 x 2 Victoria Monitors (1 squad in advanced deployment)
    – 2 x 4 Protector Frigates (1 squad in advanced deployment)
    – 2 x Apollo Support Carriers
    – 5 x Merlin Light Interceptors (advanced deployment)

    Really fun game, Pete. Cheers for that.

    • Plus the reason I was going through a gamut of forces – Sept 19 is Talk like a Pirate day, and I was thinking – so which pirate force do I want to play – Black Wolf, Italians, EIMC…?
      But my Aussies did manage to prove their piratical credentials!

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