Latest Releases

Spartan Games have sent out their latest newsletter, with a collection of releases for Halo, Planetfall and Dystopian Wars.


The releases for Halo we previously mentioned here, and look like a nice way to pad out your fleet – of course, the Commander and Dice packs are also really handy!

IMG-20150721-WA0004_zpsj3963erv IMG-20150721-WA0003_zpsjnf4d6fl 11667487_10154067703887575_3246701672230792690_n IMG-20150721-WA0007_zpsieymoahh (1) IMG-20150721-WA0006_zpsyvddvlai IMG-20150721-WA0005_zpsauiclbdq

The Planetfall Aerial Helicies Reese managed to find some photos of are being released, and look really nice! I am loving the look of the Planetfall models – I absolutely cannot wait to get hold of my Aquan fliers and strafe some Relthoza scum! đŸ˜‰

KoDNavalBG KoDSurfaceBG

Great also to see a release for Dystopian Wars, with the Kingdom of Denmark getting two boxes – and they look like really solid additions to the game, and will certainly make the Danish even more formiddable on the water! I love the Danish carrier with the extendable arms loaded with torpedo boats!


One thought on “Latest Releases

  1. OOOhhhh Spartan, why oh why must we have bug themed tanks/ships for the the Relthoza đŸ˜¦
    Most of our local FSA players have already picked up their PF forces . seems I`d best start looking for some proxy models .
    It was depressing enough when the first starter box came out , but now im past even trying to get excited about PF .esp when every time new stuff comes out everybody gets really nice models and we get bugs .ya know because Relthoza look a bit like spiders …. sigh đŸ˜¦

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