Russia vs Australia

The Russians, still buoyed by their victory over French a month earlier were looking to keep up their form while practicing for the up and coming tournament. The Royal Australians were looking to do some major damage, for Queen and Country.


1x Khatanga
1x Kostroma (commodore)
3x Tiksi
4x Novgorods
Russian SAW (19) included 2 recon planes and the rest were dive bombers

1x Cerberus (commodore)
1x Cerberus
2x Victoria
1x Victoria
3x Protector
2x Protector

All Australian SAW (10) were fighters.

The sea had been churned brown, and a string of islets sat on the Russian side of the battlefield, creating in the centre a nice funnel. There was a smaller corridor closer to one edge of the board to. The Australians fanned out pointing toward the main corridor.


Initially the Russians moved the Novgorods into a screening line across the mouth of the opening to protect the big K. The Russians only too well know the devastation Australian guns can cause.


Both sides moved SAWs forward. The Russian ships moved from right to left across the board while the bulk of the Australian ships moved toward the centre. The Khatanga, having line of sight used area bombardment wiping out the squadron of 2 Protectors. Various Australian ships took pot-shots at the Novgorods killing 2.


The SAWs started their work, with the Australian fighters killing a whole unit of RC bombers, while they started to drop ordnance on the Cerberus battleships.

The Tiksis unwisely turned into the corridor (aka the meat grinder) bombarding one of the Cerberus and lone Victoria who had come very close together. The Khatanga continued to move across the board finishing off the Vic and further damaging one Cerberus. The Kostroma moved forward to support the SAW and ease rearmament. The Tiksis quickly started to take damage, with the Aussies focusing on kills rather than spreading fire.


The Big K finished off the 3 Protectors who isolated from the rest of the Aussies were easy pickings. The Tiksis and the Cerberus’s traded fire. As did the fighters and bombers. Some bombers were lucky enough to rearm.


MS Paint coming to the rescue showing us the major final movements

In the final 2 turns a lot happened. It looked like it could go either way. The Aussies Fleet Commander boarded, prized and forced compliance from the last remaining Tiksi. Luckily it wasn’t in a great position for the Aussies. The Kostroma blasted up the narrow passage (easy) boarded and rendered the Cerberus derelict, which only had 1 HP left and it slipped below the waves at the end of the turn. The Kostroma then took some hefty damage from the 2 Victoria gunships pointed straight at her. The Khatanga rounded the island and with the help of the lone recon plane was able to sink the Aussie fleet commander’s Cerberus.


And thus the Russians achieved their Victory condition: Kill all smalls +50%. The Aussies were close to theirs: Fleet commander +50%. We played out a couple more turns but with the Big K behind the Victorias they weren’t around long enough to finish off the Kostroma, let alone respond to the undamaged K bone.


  • The Aussies had deployed well, focusing on the central corridor. Which I should never have entered with my Tiksis. Avoiding obvious traps is always a good idea.
  • Some fighters would have been good, to kill off their fighters and then rearm, I didn’t get enough rearming in to really make the SAWs all that, although they did get a number of nice attacks in on the Cerberus battleships.

So this weekend there is a tournament which I’ve been building up to. Still not decided on a final list… Should be a good day, although i think it’ll be an uphill battle. Keep an eye out for a post or two about it in the coming weeks.

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