Russia vs France – 750 Point Battle

This was my first game for 2015 as well as one of my opponent’s first 2.0 games so it was good to dust off the models and finally get them back on the table. There is also an up and coming tournament being run by the local gaming group so this was also a good chance to test out some 750 point model combos to hopefully wreak havoc with. We fielded:

1x Magenta Class Battleship
3x Marseille Class Light Cruisers
2x Voltaire Class Heavy Interceptors
4x Alma Class Reconnaissance Frigates
4x Lyon Class Frigates
3x Lyon Class Frigates


1x Khatanga
3x Tambovs
2×4 Novgorods
2x Veliky’s (attached to the Big K)


The Russians were grouped tightly in one corner hoping the mass of their forces would batter the French into submission. The French were arrayed across the back line, seemingly looking to envelop the Russian menace.

Movement mostly, the Khatanga is able to put some hurt on one of the Marseille. A Novgorod is sunk.

The frigates on both sides smash each other to pieces, the French come off second best. The Voltaires have also come and gone with the Tambovs taking heavy damage 2 of the 3 receiving criticals and losing AP.

Tambovs cripple and eventually destroy the Marseilles, with some help from the Novgorods. Meanwhile more french frigates move in from the left and really put some hurt on the Tambovs.

The Tambovs are finished off and finally rounding the island the and after taking a bit more damage from French SAS the Khatanga opens up, but not targeting the French battleship as expected, instead opting for the small skimmers, sinking the lot.

This achieved the Russian Victory condition sink all smalls +50%. The French had to sink the Khatanga to achieve theirs. I’ve had a patchy record with the Coalition but this was nice bit of form.


  • I don’t think the forces were particularly well matched. These French may have achieved more against another foe but the Russians were a bit too much.
  • The Special K is crazy good, no wonder its the staple of most Russian fleets. It can take a beating and has guns falling off it.
  • Tambovs did well despite being pushed into the centre of the board, where most of the French were directed. They could have been better supported but they held up and did their jobs… until they died, like good Russian serfs, in the service of the overlord.

Anyway… this battle happened over a month ago now and the Russians, a slightly different force, have since taken on the Australians. I’ll post that soon.

The tournament is happening over the Queen’s birthday long weekend here in Victoria, Australia, yes we know its not even her actual birthday but its a holiday so yay for that, but a full run down of events will be posted thereafter.



One thought on “Russia vs France – 750 Point Battle

  1. When I saw the the French force makeup I knew they would lose, probably against any fleet. The Almas are expensive and weak. Their spotting is meaningless without the French mortar models. More Lyons would have been much stronger. Replace the Marseilles with Dieppe cruisers and pay for the cost difference from the smalls or, for heaven’s sake, the Voltaires. Voltaires are anti- aerial units (no aerial units) and two are a short cut to losing a disorder roll. The Marseilles are NOT units to take on the RC. For the cost of Marseilles and the Voltaires you could get another Magenta and a Cherbourg BC and still have some left. The Medium would have to sit back and keep at range band 3 . Hiide behind the Magentas. A unit of Requins may be the best solution for the Khatanga.

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