Enter the Terran Leviathan!


The Odin Class Leviathan advances through the battlefield shrugging off all bar the most concerted attacks using a combination of heavy armour and overlapping shield technology. Armed with a powerful G-72 Legacy Laser, this Terran war machine is one of the most powerful vehicle killers in the Firestorm Galaxy – woe betide the enemy that presents its flank to this behemoth!

You can watch the unboxing video of this model here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V5QUnXJTBw

This model stands 12 centimetres tall, is comprised of 10 parts and is all resin.  It is fantastically detailed and a breeze to paint.  I highly recommend all Terran players get one of these – even if you aren’t fighting the Drin-losers!

Last Import - 1 of 6

Last Import - 2 of 6

Last Import - 3 of 6

Last Import - 4 of 6

Last Import - 5 of 6

Last Import - 6 of 6


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