Dystopian Legions PDFs Online!


The rules for Dystopian Legions are now available online as a free download.  I’ve said it before, and I am biased, but I love the fact that Spartan have made available their Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars, Planetfall and now Dystopian Legions rules – for free!

Alongside the Legions rules there are a host of other PDFs available for download, that are extremely handy as well.

The Platoon Diagram – is the structure around which armies are built.

The Progression Charts are available to print off – which is handy if you are in the mood for a campaign and want to see your army develop and grow through the Progression rules in the Legions book.

The Reference Sheet contains a bunch of handy charts and reminders for reference in play.

The Sequence of Play is similarly useful, whether you are learning the game or are an experienced hand.

The Templates are always useful!

The Terrain tables – print them back-to-back and they make a very easy to reference chart giving you all the rules and information required for the terrain on the table.


Fantastic stuff!

The website lists the Scenario Generator PDF as coming soon – which will be another handy reference, and I know the updated ORBATs and FAQ are coming at some point soon.

It’s great to see so much support now available for Legions, on the back of the new releases announced, it’s looking like this game is ready to enter a whole new lease of life!


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