10mm Scenery

Spartan have been saying for a while that their Kickstarter Terrain is flexible, and can handle a range of scales.  Well, this photo well and truly demonstrates that you can build a very nice looking table in 10mm.


I love the look of the city buildings, but what really caught my eye was that a change of panelling and you can make a very nice looking bridge. Strange thing to notice I suppose – but it looks cool. Add to that the fact I can literally take the roof tiles off each building and fight on the inside with infantry assaults (imagine a series of objectives inside that large rectangular building – and having to fight room for room to take and hold them – while a ferocious battle rages around the table…).

Great for Planetfall and Dropzone Commander, this stiff is really neat (and next game I could be using it with my 32mm Legions models or DnD Game!)

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