From antiquity to the future

Ok, by now everyone who listens to the podcast and or follows this blog will now that I’m biased – I love what Spartan Games do, and they produce the nicest miniatures I own and the most enjoyable games I play.  However, beyond Spartan Games I play a lot of things, one of my favourite skirmish games is Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games, and I have a raft of rules sets, from Dux Britanniarium, to Infinity, to Dead Man’s Hand and Pulp Alley sitting on my shelf. In addition to having far too many little soldiers around the house, I also rather enjoy my role playing – I’ve been playing through a campaign with Edge of the Empire and are about to start another using D&D 5th Ed.  All of this brings us to the Terrain Kickstarter Spartan currently has running…

Linkety Link…

The thing is, I can see myself using this terrain for all of these games, in Dystopian Legions I can create a bunker system, towers, defences, in Dystopian Wars I can build huge structures – like a Metzger assembly line or similar (and I’m hoping Spartan do a range of birds-eye view streets, cobbles and other things so I can lay out the base tiles, and arrange a village or city layout on top).  In Song of Blades and Heroes I can make towers, build castles, organise a dungeon for when I play Song of Gold and Darkness.  Towers and walls could also be used in a pinch for Dux.  Buildings and other features can pretty easily made for Dead Man’s Hand, Pulp Alley and Infinity, and of course they can be used as the map floors for any RPG requiring one.

I guess all I have to say is that I’m excited! I really hope the KS funds – although I have to admit it’s looking shaky – I really hope it picks up speed as Spartan show us more of what can be done.

So anyway – from the most recent updates on the KS…


That’s a pretty sprawling layout – well over a metre from side-to-side…


Now this would be an awesome arrangement to play a special Legions scenario in…


With the WWII art.


This teased photo mentions 40mm Greeks!


Neat way of introducing fun events into a skirmish game or RPG…

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