Spartan Modular Terrain Kickstarter

A couple of days ago we posted a link to the Kickstarter that Spartan Games are running for their modular terrain.

Now we are two updates in and they have posted some excellent artwork and a link to a neat PDF that shows off some more possibilities as well.

Looking over the pledge levels I was wondering to myself – just how big a room could I make with each pledge level…

So at the Bronze level I could make a single room that is 54cm x 36cm – along with walls and whatnot I could use to break up the interior.

At Silver it could be a room 54cm x 54cm – half a metre square!

At Gold: 72cm x 54cm…

And Platinum: 90cm by 54cm… and of course double that for the double platinum!

As well as the fact that you can pull out the walls and floors and replace them with different art work means a single set with multiple skins could create sci-fi terrain, Dystopian Legions terrain, wild west terrain, World War II or modern terrain… and even more given the MDF and resin drop ins they have hinted at.  Their KS also makes mention of a Spec-Ops game – which sounds awesome.

I am really excited by this, I love my Spartan Games, but I also play a few other Skirmish Games and RPGs, and see this stuff getting a lot of use!

The PDF:

1488897_882748985128316_1296470493371485062_n 1926776_882748978461650_8240053688436491559_n 10292222_882749185128296_1626401888652144429_n 10686786_882749148461633_5292463542232477838_n 10968432_882748991794982_249374452474064484_n 10968537_882749191794962_7854840949387649845_n 10981864_882749171794964_1847403498527097308_n


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