The Continuing Adventures of the Airbrush Novice

Welcome back to my blog following the (mis)adventure of an Airbrush novice.


As far as set up goes, I’ve now got a great set up.  Using a piece of foam board I created a shield that fits into my painting area.  The three sides stop any overspray from going over my desk.  Also the addition of a respirator mask now ensures total fume protection!


So my current project is the Terran Core Helix for Firestorm Planetfall.  Starting off with a black primer, I undercoated all the models.  Heres some tips when airbrushing – (1) Wear some disposable gloves to keep the paint off your hands (2) before you start spraying, run some airbrush cleaner through the airbrush then put your colour in and do some test sprays on a napkin and (3) to paint small objects build up a collection of soft drink bottle caps with some blu-tack on top.  This helps in getting good coverage across the entire piece.


With the primer completed, I then did the first coat (I used Vallejo Game Air – Leather Brown).  I kept the spray light, allowing some of the primer to show through.


To finish the base coat, I did a second coat but this time only across the top of the model.

So I feel I’ve reached a good point with my airbrushing techniques.  It is a real time saver and doesn’t interfere to much with the amazing detail that is on these models.

Hope this blog has helped encourage some of you to give airbrushing a try – I know I’m not going back to old fashioned spray cans for a long time.

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