The Continuing Adventures of an Airbrush Novice

As the day dawned I was met by a mixture of anticipation and dread.  For the last week I had been procrastinating about beginning to use the airbrush.  Even yesterday, after writing my first blog post I was trying to find anything else to do to justify that I had no more time available to begin.

Today I was determined to stop the procrastination and embark on my adventure.

After connecting all the equipment together I ran a few tests and then embarked on my new painting life.  The initial results were poor, mostly due to not being able to coordinate a combination of blasting air across the model and mixing paint – coordination had never been a strong suit for me.

You can see me first results on the video below.  I did improve greatly from my first attempts as the photos at the end of the video will attest to.

So where to now?  I remarked to my wife earlier how much fun I had using the airbrush, the problem is I have to complete the models I have now sprayed before I spray more – this was an unforeseen problem that I have to deal with.  Don’t be surprised if I end up with a heap of airbrushed models awaiting final painting.


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