Latest Dystopian Wars QuickCalc 3.7 now available

Dystopian Wars QuickCalc 3.7 is finally ready!

Okay some of the big changes.

First I’ve removed all the subtotals and replaced them with simple formulas – so no longer will you get those annoying double ups.
Second I’ve removed the formulas for options relating to number of models – therefore if you want to field 2 Dreadnoughts with different generator options you can by just purchasing what you need rather than having to keep everything the same.
Third all nations have got at least 100 rows of spare space between them so future updates will be faster.

I’ll be uploading an Excel 2010 version and an Excel 97-2004 version to our Facebook page (because WordPress doesn’t let me). This time I’ve uploaded them as templates so make sure you save your rosters. You can find them here at

I hope you enjoy using QuickCalc 3.7 – please let me know if there any any troubles but I am expecting them to be very few.


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