Werner Hahl – another Legions sidekick…


Werner Hahl has been teased on the Spartan Facebook page, with his faithful pet…

Next up in our parade of Sidekicks is Werner Hahl and his faithful Glücklich. Blown up in the same explosion as the one that ripped his master apart, Glücklich was simply too good a dog to let die. So the cream of Prussian scientists (and vets!) worked tirelessly to save his life.

He is now a symbol of the Prussian Empire’s fighting spirit and doggedness (see what we did there…) to never give in….

1526848_849878661748682_1710525379180678162_n 10407501_849878681748680_8190933426283979755_n 10846027_849878621748686_708291952204865187_n 10849881_849878018415413_2838212742234056453_n


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