Dystopian Legions – Sidekicks!


Spartan have started sculpting their range of sidekicks.  They just posted one as a sneak peek on their facebook page.

We have started work on our ‘Sidekick’ sculpts for Dystopian Legions and we’ll be rolling them out for you to look at in our lead up to Christmas. First up is Betty, the adorable sidekick of Captain Smethington DFC, the famed aerial flying ace of the Kingdom of Britannia.

As you can see, Betty is all about her looks on the gaming table and for those of you who have downloaded the KoB Statistics you will see that she has the special rule ‘Hold That Pose’ which is all about inspiring the men (and Bertie) into action…..

10380275_849380881798460_5052501685510846372_n 10432464_849381415131740_463920471593614409_n 10805607_849381335131748_3505366723589476526_n 10849887_849381515131730_2019400108453638856_n


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