Firestorm Armada Rules for download…


A couple of posts ago we copied across an announcement from Spartan Games that they would be making copies of their rules books available for download.  The first of those rules books has arrived in download form!

From the Spartan Games Facebook page:

You can now download the Firestorm Armada 2.0 Rulebook for FREE! Come and take your first giant leap into The Firestorm Galaxy.

I love the fact that Spartan is putting their most recent rules sets up for download!

For anyone who hasn’t played, Firestorm Armada is Spartan’s spaceship combat game, and it is a lot of fun!  If you want to know more, we talked about Firestorm in episode 18 of the podcast, which can be found here.

It is a hugely fun game, with a lot of flavour, flexibility and depth, and the miniatures are Spartan’s usual amazing quality.  If you are even mildly interested in space ship battles, check it out!


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