Take Her Alive!



For a little fun we decided to line up the French and Covenant forces from the Iron Scorpion box, and put together a scenario.  In this game we set up a fortress (which was expanded mid-game because the original was a little small), in which was positioned Monique Dubois and a Section of Automata.  The French goal was to destroy the Automata and make base contact with Monique. This would win them the game. The Covenant had to hold out, on turn three reinforcements would arrive in the form of an Officer, Drone Squadron and Commandos…

Photo 2-12-2014 10 12 04 pm Photo 2-12-2014 10 12 08 pm


The Fort above was before it was expanded (as per below).  The terrain is very bare bones because my big box of stuff is currently stuck in the shed behind a multitude of large heavy boxes and things.



Photo 2-12-2014 10 24 28 pm


Photo 2-12-2014 10 24 36 pm


The French charged up the board, moving at double time.  While the Machine gun Fire Team took up position in the forest.

Photo 2-12-2014 10 49 55 pm


Activation was key… the French Machine Gun fire team opened fire on the commandos and decimated their Section.  Soon after the Commandos charged the Machine gun, causing significant damage before the nearby Legionnaires swooped in and managed to finish the Commandos off.

Photo 2-12-2014 11 44 49 pm


Somehow, the French Marines charged the Automata… the Drone Section fired on the remaining Legionnaires, who then charged into melee.  Lastly the Drones themselves and officers charged in. In two or three quick turns every model on the board was involved with a messy and bloody hand to hand engagement around the fort.  The Gun Rotors proved the difference, while adding next to nothing to the dice pools, they managed to soak up a huge amount of damage and give the Covenant the slight edge they needed on the day.

Photo 2-12-2014 11 55 02 pm


The sole survivors of the game… Monique, Veronique and a single Automata…

One more point of damage and the two sisters would have been all that remained.  Awkward!


It was a fun game, and we re-wrote sections of the scenario to make it better balanced, and hopefully more fun!

Thanks Quinton!


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