The Covenant and the Chinese… fighters galore!

So Quinton (a regular gaming partner of mine) and myself lined up for a short game of Dystopian Wars.  We wanted to keep it small, and settled on 750 points.  We also wanted to push the fleets into cheese territory, and ended up with over 60 SAW on the table between us… Quinton and his Chinese with an astounding 34 SAW, and myself with a (still) respectable 28.


1 x Jian MkII Battleship

2 x squads of Chui Support Carriers

1 x Squad of Nu frigates (I think)



2 x Pericles Carriers

3 x Cleomedes cruisers

4 x Diogenes Frigates

5 x Thales Corvettes


Well, it was a very interesting game, and I’d love to play it again just to see if I could get the fleet to work better.  I moved my Pericles forward to take advantage of their Torpedoes, where I should have kept them on the baseline and given them Energy Turrets.  As it stood, the Pericles took a massive amount of damage, and unluckily my Commodore died early in Turn 2, this in turn had a huge effect on my Drone network, which was already outnumbered by the Chinese support aircraft and under strain as a result.

Wow, was there one hell of an air war in the middle of the board over turns 2 and 3.  That alone was worth the price of admission, and was hilarious to watch unfold.

Sadly though my Covenant just couldn’t stand up, the Pericles suffering too much damage to be able to cycle the Drones effectively, and the Chuis just being amazing medium support carriers.  In the end it was a devastatingly convincing win for the Chinese.

It would be fun to play those fleets again, we have a couple of other cheesy fleets to play, so it should be fun seeing how they go!  One of these days I’ll get the upper hand on the Chinese… one of these days! 😀

Photo 17-11-2014 9 34 33 pm Photo 17-11-2014 9 34 41 pm

We proxied some ships – the Prometheus stood in for a second Pericles, and the Fresnels were unconvincing Cleomedes.

Photo 17-11-2014 9 55 46 pm

Look at all those support aircraft squadrons!

Photo 17-11-2014 9 55 50 pm Photo 17-11-2014 10 52 20 pmThe air war was bloody and intense… it was also a lot of fun, even though my drones were not well enough supported to be able to manage much of a defence…


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