Legions – The Covenant of Antarctica vs The Kingdom of Britannia…

It was a dire day for the Covenant.   In fact it was so grim, bleak, empty, futile and forlorn it could be described as hopeless; without hope, even.

In retrospect I can admit to being beaten soundly in two key areas – Command Points and Activations.  Command points are vital in that the allow you to control the Initiative, as much as give orders and so on.  Activations are vital as result of the fact that terrain, and the use of it, and the use of movement to put pressure on the enemy to expose themselves are key parts of the game.  For the next game I will be ensuring that I take more sections in order to gain more activations, and more officers, to make the best of initiative.

It was a hilariously fun game though, lasting some 7 or 8 turns, and included some truly amusing moments.

Photo 6-11-2014 10 24 33 pm

Lots of terrain makes for a fun game.

Photo 6-11-2014 11 14 06 pm

The Covenant Commandos move up to take a defensive position behind a stone wall, opening fire on on a Section of British Line, claiming the first casualties of the game.  Things were looking good at this point… 😀

Photo 6-11-2014 11 14 13 pm

But despite a defensive position, there were plenty of British soldiers hiding behind the copse of trees…

Photo 6-11-2014 11 14 16 pm

…and reinforcements for the Commandos were far away…

Photo 6-11-2014 11 18 02 pm

The Sky Hussars had a crack at the Commandos, who stood up surprisingly well under the assault.

Photo 7-11-2014 12 13 53 am

The end of the Commandos came quickly enough however… it was Bertie, behind the wall, with his blazer…

Photo 7-11-2014 1 20 03 am

Right at the end of the game we decided to throw caution to the wind and play with the Melee rules , my soldiers, after several rounds and hopelessly outnumbered were not looking in good shape.  My dice pool is on the left, my opponents on the right… Every model on the board was involved with this melee…

The game was a lot of fun, with lots of take-aways for next game!


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