More Planetfall…

Hot on the heels of the release of our Planetfall episode Spartan Games have teased, over on their Facebook page, even more stunning models that will be upcoming for Planetfall.


1779732_831073523629196_5405072352562995387_n 10156010_831073606962521_8390937960909300380_n 10408551_831073560295859_4192803336008517557_n 10451755_831073410295874_7794298672058833437_n 10477877_831073450295870_1577146437031581937_n 10635694_831073570295858_569829009039235496_n 10653815_831073423629206_4466763559385164489_n 10712814_831073500295865_1178268273118114582_n


My personal favourite is the Dindrenzi Iapetus Robot, one with the double swords and one with the shield and sword.  A close second would have to be the Sorylian Sor-Ka – a protoceratops with a missile launcher. Altogether, they look very nice!


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