Painting Competition – Voting Begins!

Finally, its here! The voting portion of the E270 Painting Competition!

I must apologise for its tardiness, but as is far too often the case, Real Life™ decided it would be the perfect time to interfere just as the comp was finishing up…

But, enough with the excuses, onto the entries!

Now, I have attached the main fleet photo for each entry, and then linked below it to a collection of all supplied photos from each entrant for those who would like to peruse them.

So in no particular order other than my whimsy, let E270 present to you:

Luke’s Empire of the Blazing Sun
IMG_20140907_090210 Complete Library: Lukes EotBS


Robert’s Empire of the Blazing Sun10492346_4417990865763_4530876090862767924_n Complete Library: Robert’s EotBS


Charles’ Covenant of Antarctica10645108_10154486853990315_2443348924056245946_n Complete Library: Charles’ Covenant


James’ Covenant of Antarcticac12Complete Library: James’ Covenant

So, who do you all think won? Vote below, and we’ll compile the results in 2 (and a bit) weeks on the 20th of October!

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