Spiders and Lizards and Cities oh my…



Here are some photos from the Spartan Games Facebook page:

1921955_814442218625660_658419608847641952_n 1922132_814354805301068_6800456533632912983_n 10365985_814372431965972_6801104917088026968_n 10426574_814429771960238_2500005069763846010_n 10710350_814384685298080_7670873893326686084_oAside from the fantastic shots of the Terrans, Directorate, Sorylians and Relthoza (the latter two most particularly), I am super excited about the terrain!  According to the Facebook page it is stackable, among other things:

You can see the terrain is designed to be modular and will, to be honest, flex to meet the needs of gamers from small boards to….well full on cityscapes. We built a 12′ x 6′ city for the rulebook. The skyscraper is stacked three high here, towering over the landing pad. It’s missing the logo pack and walkways and mezzanine floors that can interconnect buildings, but you get the idea of how flexible the system is..

According the to FB Page, sky scrapers can get up to 33″ high, and there will be a whole bunch of stuff (not just towers and roads).  It looks fantastic!



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