Planetfall Infantry – Aquan and Directorate…


From the Spartan Facebook Page:

Planetfall Infantry

A little while ago I talked about showing you some of our new power armoured infantry for Planetfall. I got one of our model makers to take the digital file which we used to create the actual 10mm models and digitally paint it. We did this so we had a firm base from which to design such things as Officers, Characters and Special Weapon figures which allow us to expand our infantry options moving forward.

Our infantry bases range from 2 to 4 models each and come as scenic bases with the minis posed on them. This allows us to have huge fun making bases. Some bases have less minis, in the case of the Sorylians because they are big chaps, and many more in the case of Relthozan swarms of killer drones.

We’ve got lots of plans for our infantry in Planetfall, but for now enjoy the images attached.

Spartan Richard

Aquan Director



Very nice detail for 10mm renders, can’t wait to see them in the resin… so to speak!

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