Heavy Bombers…



We’ve seen many of the Heavy Bombers due out… but here are the last three, from the Spartan Games Website…

984217_800247206711828_8672256034081302831_n 1512686_800247233378492_4343160809623555770_n 10343026_800247230045159_7113730150856348310_n 10436250_800247016711847_1103670220150111512_n 10590454_800247176711831_9078015360416620233_n 10606496_800247210045161_7619595472048221764_n 10614393_800251526711396_5958078401226812018_n 10636246_800247163378499_6761921653238385607_n 10670266_800251556711393_6230041740245869401_n 10686824_800247060045176_3796826667895786439_n


Oh, that Covenant bomber looks nice!  And a big piece of resin too!  Can’t wait!


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