More Planetfall – Terran Forward Observation Post…



And from the Spartan Facebook page:


So I was taking some images of Terran Alliance infantry and I got a little carried away, so I took several of the new modular buildings that come in our boxed sets (the idea being that your terrain grows as your armies grow, and of course works with the fact that a vital part of Planetfall is the concept of securing objectives on your way to controlling the battlefield and winning the war!).

So I made a Terran Forward Observation Base (FoB) and added a Leviathan, Heavy Tanks, Medium Tanks, AA Tanks, Gunships, Aerial APC, Ground APC, Recon Tanks, massive HQ Command vehicle and of course our infantry bases.

We’ve put a lot of work into the infantry, the logic being that as cool as the big armour is, it is the infantry that has to do the dirty work and clear bunkers, hold objectives and, when the job calls for it, take out the armour!

As you can see the modular bunkers in this shot allow for a variety of heights to be created and we made them so they accommodate our standard size infantry bases. The terrain comes pre-painted, so can go straight to the gaming table and our boxed sets include the terrain.

Now all they need are some Dindrenzi to smash…


The use of objectives sounds great, and all the awesome in that photo is blinding!  Aerial units, big tanks, leviathans, command vehicles, APCs… not to mention you get terrain in the boxes!  I am excited!


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